Training As A Service

Combat the challenge of training your team on ever-changing software with our expert Paapri team. Our understanding of cutting-edge technologies that bring efficiencies to customers provides us the ability to easily pass on that knowledge to your team via Training as a Service, or TaaS. Whether your team is looking for functional or technical training, or even a custom-built training curriculum, Paapri can help.

Why to Invest in Training as a Service

Software as a Service has many benefits. These include the ability for employees to access applications anytime, anywhere; eliminating the need to store hardware; and having a service provider that maintains the application.

However, one of the biggest drawbacks is that software is always being updated, often multiple times a year. This means that any team using the software needs to be trained on the updates. Traditionally training would be done on-site, however with the myriad of times in which software is updated throughout a year, that’s not an efficient or realistic solution.

To make the most of your Software as a Service, it only makes sense to invest in Training as a Service, a solution that allows your team to easily access training that is maintained and updated by a service provider at regular intervals and delivered via the web. Benefits of TaaS include:

    • Simplified Onboarding – Training can be provided to new employees via an online learning path. This allows for the customization of knowledge to particular positions as well as provides managers the ability to view the new employee’s progress
    • Training Access Anytime, Anywhere – Employees can view any immediate and necessary training even if they’re away from their desk. This is extremely useful for items that need immediate attention even if an employee is away on vacation or in work from home instances
    • Updates and Maintenance by Service Provider – Training will always be updated, no matter how many times a year Software as a Service is updated, helping to decrease IT support tickets

Types of Training as a Service

Training as a Service covers multiple categories and can be offered up in many different formats such as documentation, step-by-step guides, and video tutorials. Paapri offers the following types of TaaS to assist customers in getting the most out of their Software as a Service:

  1. Product TaaS
    • NetSuite Technical Training – Hands on technical training for SuiteScripts, System Administration, Saved Searches, Reports, Suitelets, Restlets, and others
    • NetSuite Functional Training – Provides guidance on how to use industry leading practices to implement complex areas such as Demand Planning, Supply Chain Work Bench, Supply Allocation, and NetSuite QMS
  2. Functional TaaS
    • CRM Training – Knowledge on the customer life cycle including acquisition, retention, and growth
    • Supply Chain Training – Information on helping your team set up world class supply chains
    • Finance Training – Insight into basic and advanced financials, financial statements, and intercompany transactions
  3. Technical TaaS
    • Web and Internet Technologies including React.js, Node.js, and MongoDB
    • Microsoft Technologies such as C# and .Net

TaaS In the Field

Training as a Service can be beneficial to any company using Software as a Service, but we’ve found that it can be especially beneficial for the following types of companies:

  • Schools and colleges looking to provide practical exposure to students on emerging technologies and business processes
  • Manufacturing companies wanting to train their workforce on specific areas of business

The Paapri Way

Understanding that sometimes traditional is the type of training that fits an organization the best, Paapri offers trainings both in person or via zoom calls. Currently, in person trainings are only offered in our South Bend, IN US and Kolkata, India locations.

All Paapri trainers are practitioners who have trained employees or other practitioners before. Our teams from the Technology Center of Excellence (TCOE) and Manufacturing Center of Experience (MCOE) plan, schedule, and organize the trainings to ensure you and your team receive the most streamlined training experience.

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