Supply chain Management  

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Paapri has developed the tools for our clients to match vendors to requirements, unique PO requirements to suppliers, and ultimately to set them as vendors.

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Why choose a quality supply chain management

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a set of tools manufacturers and distributors use to plan, track and manage the movement of materials and products into and out of their organizations.


SCM is an essential part of any successful manufacturer’s workflow, as it impacts the company’s ability to deliver finished products to customers accurately and on time.


However, SCM software cannot perform to its full potential without the support of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.


We take you through the entire process of consulting to figure out how to set up your supply chain, implement technologies and processes, and get you to where you have to be to have a world-class supply chain.

Throughout the process, we guide you and collaborate to build leading supply chain practices such as:


  • Demand Planning

  • Procurement

  • Vendor evaluation

  • Vendor scorecards

  • Supplier Quality Management

  • Transportation and Logistics Optimization

Supply chain management

Supply chain Management benefits  

Optimized inventory


 When you support your SCM with data from throughout your organization, you can make more accurate forecasts and optimize the inventory you keep on hand. This means keeping holding costs at a minimum while protecting production schedules from disruption due to low inventory.

Streamlined workflow


 ERP software aggregates all your company’s data in one centralized database. When ERP is connected to your supply chain management tools, the need for double entry will get reduced and you’ll have the opportunity to streamline workflows through automation.

Satisfied customers


 More effective supply chain management through ERP integration means you can produce high-quality products quickly and deliver them accurately and on time. Such a performance boost is likely to create satisfied customers who place repeat orders.

The impact of ERP on supply chain management can be huge. If you’re interested in linking these two systems in your organization, you have two options — either purchase an all-in-one software package or choose an ERP that can integrate seamlessly with your existing or third-party SCM applications.