Client – Theragun, Kevin Crowley, Accounting Manager

From professional athletes, to casual hikers, to those suffering from everyday wear and tear, an active lifestyle can take its toll on your body. In a world that’s always moving, we needed a tool to help alleviate the pain and stress of constant, high velocity motion. The Theragun team has found us a solution, as their revolutionary products have changed the course of percussive therapy.

Theragun offers three key handheld muscle treatment tools that better allow you to deal with pain, recover faster, and work out better. Whatever level intensity your body faces on a day-to-day basis, Theragun offers benefits for you. The team continues to search for new and innovative ways to improve lives.

After a referral from their NetSuite Account Manager, Theragun did their due diligence on Paapri’s credibility and looked into some of our customer success stories. Kevin Crowley, the Accounting Manager at Theragun, commented, “because of that [the referral], we did some reference checks, and everyone seemed to have an amazing experience with you guys [the Paapri team]. So, we decided to work with you for the implementation.” Paapri is happy to say we held up to those expectations.

Challenges – The Outgrowing of QuickBooks

In the wake of their growth, and in preparation of continued growth and sustainability into the future, Theragun was ready to trade in their previous, and restrictive ERP software for an upgrade. A gaping flaw with their previous ERP system was that “we had to have a separate inventory in another financial system. We had to then do manual entries and manual reconciliations. Whereas now, everything is within one system”, detailed Kevin.

Throughout the decision making progress, NetSuite was the clear choice. The software could be shaped and customized to fit their business needs while also adapting to any future growth or change that are on the horizon.

“We eventually outgrew QuickBooks. We switched from QuickBooks to NetSuite because there is a lot of customizability in NetSuite and it’s really good for mid-market companies.”

Kevin Crowley, Accounting Manager

With NetSuite chosen, the only thing left to do was implement it. That’s where Paapri Cloud Technologies came in.

Action/Solution – Paapri’s Phenomenal Team Makes the Implementation Process “A Breeze”

By projects end, Kevin was not only satisfied with how easy the implementation process was in terms of accounting, but thrilled with the Paapri team.

“They [the team] was amazing and they would respond at times you wouldn’t expect somebody to respond”

Kevin Crowley, Accounting Manager

He also had high praise for his lead consultant, Ratwika Mondal. He said, “Ratwika was awesome. She was there for us whenever we needed her. When she didn’t have an answer, she found it.” That level of customer service is just another day in the office for our resourceful and talented consultants. Their high level of involvement and availability allows for even the most difficult projects to be worked through efficiently and coherently. Kevin agreed, stating, “On the accounting side, the implementation was a breeze. It was simple.” Following their go-live, NetSuite has already had proven and quantifiable results for Theragun.

Results – An Inventory System Within NetSuite

This isn’t Kevin’s first experience overseeing a company through a NetSuite implementation. He came from a company that followed a similar path, switching from QuickBooks to NetSuite. By now he’s pretty fluent in the system and its processes. With that in mind, he knows that things don’t always go so easy, commenting that “With ERP implementations, you can get into it and then 6 months later it’s not working. Fortunately, that didn’t happen to us.” That’s the result of working with a partner who prides themselves on being a knowledge leader of the digital transformation industry who follow guidelines and practices to hold themselves accountable.

The Theragun team is continuously making improvements to the system and NetSuite is ready to mold itself to these change and adaptations. Due to Paapri and Theragun joint efforts to make the NetSuite system as efficient as possible, the numerous benefits are already beginning to crop up. Some notable changes to the Theragun team being that “We’ve cut our monthly close, alone, down by more than half by getting into NetSuite and we’ve also been able to put together an inventory system within NetSuite.” Theragun with the help of our expertise is now ready for whatever the future may hold for them.

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