The Webb Company

The Client – The Webb Company: Daniel Webb, CEO

The Webb Company specializes in manufacturing promotional material. These materials help them to create long-lasting relationships with their customers. As far as marketing goes, “they can be more effective than TV, magazines, and even the advertisements you might see on the internet”. The Webb Company provides businesses with every possible promotional product from over 3,000 different suppliers.

A company who wants to be the best, must use the best tools, which is why Dan and his team always had their eyes on NetSuite. This software would let them take another step forward as they optimized their finances, operations, and customer relations. Unfortunately, they would run into several roadblocks on the way to their perfect implementation.

Challenges – Incompetent ERP Service Providers

NetSuite is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool, or a type of business management software, and when used correctly it is a phenomenal tool to have at your disposal. It uses a system of applications to streamline back-office functions and make an organization as efficient and profitable as possible. This is vital for a business like the Webb Company, and others like it. This organization battled to find a team that would deliver the service that they promised, stating “before Paapri, we had two different ERP services in the span of two years. It was a nightmare and a waste of two years”. A full implementation can be quite the undertaking, to go through two without result is a nightmare.

Dan had tried not one, but two different ERP Providers, hoping for a way to make help his company run smoother and begin to reach its potential. Unfortunately, neither worked out, and the reason why was clear to The Webb Company team. In order to get the service he wanted and his company needed, Dan knew that he would have switch directions and recruit a capable company.

“When we were dealing with the two previous companies and we asked for changes, they would say ‘we don’t know that’, ‘we have to quote that out’, or ‘no, we can’t do this’”

– Daniel Webb, Webb Company CEO

Action/Solution – Paapri Is Brought In

Despite these setbacks, The Webb Company team still knew they wanted NetSuite, they just needed some capable help. While attending a final NetSuite Alliance meeting, Paapri was recommended as candidate to finally take The Webb Company’s implementation home. He looked into the company and took a chance on a third partner. He never looked back.

Thrilled with the implementation, Dan stated, “I would give it a 5. It is very different from what I’ve experienced with other companies. Anubhav [the lead consultant] and his team were responsive and understood what I wanted. Both Anubhav, and “P”, the CEO, were always available to answer my questions… I can tell Anubhav is happy when things improve, and you don’t get that in most technicians. Typically, if I had any issues or change requests it would be done by the next morning.” This partnership not only brought productivity and valuable software to The Webb Company but also created an enduring relationship between The Webb Company team and Paapri’s.

“With the Paapri team, early on, they told us to stop asking them if they can do it and just tell them what we needed them to do”

– Daniel Webb, Webb Company CEO

Dan was happy with Paapri’s proactive approach as it contrasted greatly with the companies he had previously worked, and struggled, with. He elaborated, “Paapri was definitely a breath of fresh air… [Paapri’s team] stayed on top of it and didn’t take too much at a time”.

Results – A Successful NetSuite Implementation and Exceptional Delivery

Fortunately for Dan, his struggling to find a company to fulfill his desires were over. He commented, “Anubhav and the team delivered what they said they were going to. I really believe in them.” Even though implementing NetSuite can be a costly process, Dan knows the benefits will be well worth it. “This was a true investment, but I obviously did it with the understanding that the technology backbone it provides will set me up to handle growth and market trends easier.” The NetSuite software and Paapri’s implementation have had incredible results for The Webb Company.

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