Taking your Shop Floor Management: Digital

One size does NOT fit all when it comes to Digital Shop Floor Management:


A digital shop floor starts with a kiosk where the operators can walk up to, see the jobs in process, start/stop an operation, record time, read work instructions etc. This will inevitably bring a lot of efficiency: employees will not have to sift through paperwork, hand write notes and ultimately load information into your ERP. However, there are a few problems.

Every single ERP will have some sort of Shop Floor Console, which are often:

  • Rigid, having too many or two few functions;
  • Designed for one device or for a specific task;
  • Impossible or cost prohibitive to customize/tailor to needs;
  • Hardware and/or software incompatible.

How can Paapri help? Paapri works with all sorts of small to mid-market manufacturing plants. Paapri used their experience in shop floor management, along with their ERP partner Oracle + NetSuite and their Hardware Partner EloTouch, to come up with a solution called Paapri Manufacturing Console (PMC).

  • Tailored to customers’ unique needs and budget while incorporating the best practices – No two Paapri Consoles look or work the same
  • Touch Screen Enabled High-end Rich User Interfaces for quick adoption and training
  • Runs from NetSuite Servers– so no need for additional servers.
  • Functionalities (a few examples):
    • Issue Material
    • In process time capture labor and machine
    • In process downtime capture
    • In process quality/MRR/scrap capture
    • Optional Connecting to Machine PLC
    • Optional Offline PMC – runs from the console and updates server

So, what if the ERP is not NetSuite?

  • Our Hardware partner EloTouch offers flexibility in choosing Android or Windows Operating Systems
  • PMC is available in Hosted, Android App or Customer Hosted Environments
  • PMC maintains its own database for effective Business Analytics
  • PMC can communicate with any ERP using APIs or direct database connections

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