Celebrating the Five-Year Work Anniversary of the Director of PBTI

This blog post celebrates a milestone for one of the most influential people leading Paapri Business Technologies India (PBTI): Monika Banerjee. Mrs. Banerjee, the Director of PBTI, has built the India office from the ground up. Always a voice of leadership and guidance, Mrs. Banerjee continues to serve as a pillar of Paapri’s values.  ...

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Employee Spotlight: Rehan Nawaz

For our next employee spotlight, we will be showcasing the embodiment of what Paapri is all about: Rehan Nawaz! With a brilliant mind and exceptional leadership skills, Rehan continues to make enormous strides in developing software, training others, and contributing to the tight-knit community of Team India. While one blog post won’t do him justice,...

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Employee Spotlight: Brenden Cotter

Team Paapri would like to welcome our newest Business Development Rep, Brenden Cotter!   After his first week in the office, Brenden put together an amazing presentation about himself, what he’s learned about Paapri, and his hopes for the future. His responses will be featured in this employee spotlight!   Where did you grow up?   I grew...

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