Sharks Move Forward (So Should Your Business)

Two Levels of Adapting/Innovation

In a world full of innovation and adaptation, too few are taking advantage of these things. Some people get too comfortable and lose their drive, some simply never had the drive to start with. In my vast wisdom, I have devised the two levels home to adaption and innovation. These two levels are personal and professional.

You Do You – Personal Level

The personal level consists of your use and knowledge of trends on a personal level. These trends could cover sports, literature, technology, or anything else. For example, I know more than a few people who are perfectly content with their decade plus or older phone (I sometimes still look back fondly on my iPhone 5), and many of us know individuals who are getting the newest tech every year. This is true across any hobby, passion, or taste. In the end, the personal level consists of preferences. Your preferences are your tastes and they are your own. You can do whatever you want on this level and that is more than okay.

You Do (or) You (Fall Behind) – Professional Level

The real do or die comes on the professional level, the practical level, the business level. A phone is a phone, a business is a livelihood. Do you update when you need to update? If the answer is yes, congratulations, you’re a shark…

(I make the shark comparison for the “always moving forward and fearless comparison”, not so much the “dark, uncaring, soulless eyes and attitude” part. If you’re taking that from this try again)

…you’re moving forward. If the answer is no, you’re not some other less dangerous aquatic creature (though a moray eel can actually swim backwards, which you might as well be doing). What you are, is in trouble. To build on the shark comparison, a shark dies if it stop moving forward. Do you know what else dies if it stops moving forward? A business. Keeping up with the trends doesn’t mean abandoning your values or all of your practices, it means staying current and efficient using new tools that are available to you and your business, many of which are conveniently detailed here.

Keeping Updated

There’s a fine line between personal preferences and impact decisions. Luckily I’m here to keep you updated on the newest and latest trends, what they mean for you, and how to adjust to them. As a digital transformation business, the Paapri blog (I.e. me) will be primarily covering trends of that mold, along with more information on who we are, what we can do for you, and any other relevant topic that pops into my head.

Next week we’ll do a quick review of the services you and the other sharks have access to through Paapri Cloud Technologies and NetSuite.

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