PMC Lite: Connecting ERP and Shop Floor Operations Fitted to Your Budget

PMC Lite Overview

While we always drive home the point that we provide unique solutions to our customers’ unique problems, it is important to emphasize that we do so fitted to their budget. This is why Paapri developed PMC Lite, in addition to PMC (PCT Manufacturing Console). Paapri is familiar with the common challenge of a disconnect between shop floor operations and the NetSuite ERP system. We also understand that growing manufacturers need the efficiency and time savings that comes with PMC, without breaking the bank. While PMC Lite may be thought of as the simpler version of PMC, it still offers an easy-to-use interface for shop floor operators to interact with their NetSuite ERP system. With Smart UI, we ensure that operators have an error-proof way of recording shop floor operations, paving the way for increased productivity, visibility, and profitability. 

 With Smart UI, PMC Lite offers an error-proof way of recording shop floor operations, paving the way for increased productivity, visibility, and profitability. 

Who can benefit from PMC Lite?

PMC Lite, as well as the other NetSuite extensions built by Paapri, are made for manufacturers that have outgrown their aging systems and are in need of an ERP system that works for them. Along the same thread, manufacturers already on NetSuite that require a simpler solution to a lack of visibility into their shop floor operations can benefit from PMC Lite. 

PMC Lite in Action—Case Study

Paapri’s work with an HVAC company is the manifestation of our mission statement. Using NetSuite as an existing platform, Paapri implemented PMC Lite, catering it exactly to their needs.

Our partner, specializing in natural ventilation solutions, wanted a streamlined way to document their shop floor operations—when employees badge in and out, when the machine is down, how many goods are produced, how long that takes, etc. To make better decisions and cut out inefficiencies, they wanted to link this information to their NetSuite ERP system. Paapri offered them PMC Lite, optimizing it specifically for their business. Now, their shop floor operations are tracked and automatically used to generate Work Order Completions in NetSuite. This not only saves time and resources but also provides key metrics (such as OEE) for future business success.

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Boost your manufacturing operations with PMC Lite. Schedule a demo today to see how this affordable solution enhances visibility and productivity on your shop floor!

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