Introducing PCT Manufacturing Console (PMC)

PMC Overview

       At Paapri, we pride ourselves on finding a unique solution to our customers’ unique problems, fitted to their budget. This is the motto that we operate on. With our years of experience working with manufacturers, we discovered a common problem: there was no convenient way for shop floor operators to access their NetSuite ERP system. So, we did what we do best. We developed a unique solution: PCT Manufacturing Console (PMC). Using NetSuite’s platform as a framework, we can mold PMC for each use case. Unlike a SuiteApp that can be bought and tacked onto the NetSuite system, PMC is specially designed for your company, with your business processes in mind. While a SuiteApp such as Fuuz may be the way to go for certain manufacturers, PMC guarantees that your shop floor operations are seamlessly integrated with your NetSuite system.

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What is PMC?

It is designed as a console next to a work center, where shop floor operators can badge in and out, perform work orders, and record key metrics, including production, setup, and downtime. Even though there is a lot of functionality, we know that the last thing operators want is a complicated interface. Therefore, PMC is a simple browser-based application with an easy-to-use, error-proof interface. Made for a touchscreen, rectangular console, we have eliminated all the barriers for operators to engage with it. 

Additionally, we understand that operators are key to the success of manufacturing plants. Therefore, improving the overall operator experience with PMC will inevitably lead to more productivity and efficiency. 

Benefits to PMC

PMC enables manufacturers to calculate Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) due to its direct link to a workstation and inbuilt time capture method. PMC allows your business to cut out any inefficiencies and maximize profitability. 

1. PMC is on NetSuite 

PMC is not an external application. It is an application that runs from NetSuite, on NetSuite Servers, and operates from a browser with no install required. 

2. PMC Saves License Costs 

If there are 100 shop floor users and 20 work centers, PMC just needs 20 full access licenses, one per work center. The 100 shop-floor users badge in and out of PMC. In other words, PMC requires only one full access license per work center and allows multiple shop floor users to badge in and out.

3. Customizable: Your Very Own PMC 

You know your operators and their extent of technological prowess. PMC is built for you and just for you. No two PMCs look, feel, work, and behave alike. 

4. PMC is a Platform and not a tool, a solution, nor a product 

As any manufacturer will appreciate, a platform solves multiple problems. Being on NetSuite, PMC not only helps enter production but also provides an effortless user experience. PMC, as a platform, provides the flexibility to customize look and feel all the way through a business process. 

5. PMC is Connected 

Being next to a machine or a work center has its advantages. If you want to have the machine communicate with your ERP, PMC has the hooks to do that. 

Who can benefit from PMC?

First and foremost, as the name implies, PMC (PCT Manufacturing Conole), was built for manufacturers. To narrow it down further, this solution can be utilized in industries such as electronics, metal fabrication, industrial manufacturing, job shops, and much more. 

As solution-providers, Paapri developed PMC as an extension that builds on the NetSuite platform. Therefore, manufacturing companies that have outgrown their existing software system(s)—such as QuickBooks, Xero, Global Shop, Shoptech, or JobBOSS, to name a few—could largely benefit from a consolidated ERP. NetSuite, an all-encompassing cloud ERP that can manage a manufacturer’s end-to-end operations, is a great choice. Manufacturers that have zeroed in on a couple ERP vendors, with NetSuite on their list, may be wondering whether the system is a good fit for their business. The base functionality of NetSuite already offers a night-and-day difference compared to the aging, disconnected systems that many manufacturers currently use. However, to use NetSuite to its fullest potential, an implementation partner such as Paapri can be brought in. Our job is to understand your business inside-out and make your ERP system work for you. With us by your side, you no longer have to worry about whether NetSuite is a good fit (after initial evaluations) because we will adapt it to your business processes. One solution we can use to do this is PMC. During or after your NetSuite implementation, we can discuss whether your business will benefit from PMC, an error-proof console with links to your NetSuite system. 

If your company already utilizes NetSuite and is experiencing inefficiencies where the system is not catered to your unique business needs, then Paapri can help as well. If existing NetSuite users would like to get all they can out of their ERP system, they can employ PMC to get to that next level of growth and efficiency. PMC, with a streamlined operator experience and data-capture capabilities, can connect shop floor operations with your ERP system. As part of our ERP consulting services and ERP Care, our expert Solutions Consultants can help you optimize your ERP system, with our custom PCT extensions such as PMC.

General Example 

To keep track of shop floor operations, operators complete work orders, marking them as “post” completion in NetSuite. To do this, one has to record how many items were produced and how long it took. This is where natural guesswork can come in as it is often difficult to post the actual time operators worked. This inevitably leads to an inaccurate shop floor depiction. 

Here’s a general example to highlight this common pain point: John starts working at 10:30 and continues until 10:37. Peter comes to work at 10:30 and works until 10:42. Together, John and Peter produce three good parts. To complicate matters further, the machine went down from 10:35 to 10:36. Calculating the machine time and the labor time, and then, individually calculating the time John and Peter worked is cumbersome. 

PMC solves this problem. John and Peter both badge into the PMC, select start/stop when they start and finish, record down-time when the machine goes down, and enter the three produced. PMC automatically calculates John and Peter’s labor time and the machine time (and down time), and posts a Work Order Completion for the company with no cumbersome calculations. 

With PMC recording everything that happens at a work center, one would know if Peter is consistently late to work, or if John shuts down the machine too often, thereby identifying the Equipment Efficiency, throughput, downtime reasons, and more.

PMC in Action—Case Study  

 PMC screen directly attached to machine equipment

A defense manufacturer anticipated challenges with disconnected shop floor operations and their NetSuite ERP system. Seeking a tailored solution, they implemented Paapri’s PCT Manufacturing Console (PMC). PMC provided a user-friendly console, enabling operators to easily record key metrics, badge in and out, and perform work orders. The successful implementation of PMC enabled them to streamline their shop floor, make data-driven decisions, and drive significant improvements in productivity and profitability.

Want more reading? Learn more about how PMC can help industrial manufacturing companies bridge the technology gap.

With PMC, unlock efficiency, streamline your manufacturing operations, and drive profitability. Schedule a demo with us today!

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