Paapri Star Influencer of 2021

Paapri Cloud Technologies is excited to announce that Paapri would like to recognize Felicia GottheimNetSuite Alliance Regional Manager as the Paapri Star Influencer of 2021.
Paapri is a NetSuite Alliance Partner. This means that Paapri is expected to be an extension of the NetSuite ecosystem to provide NetSuite’s and Paapri’s joint customers the right solution and helping them grow with NetSuite. Felicia has helped Paapri in building the right strategies to help focus on Manufacturing that Paapri does best. Felicia is also Paapri’s biggest evangelist in NetSuite, knowing very well our strengths and weaknesses.

On a personal level, Felicia shows respect and professionalism every single time she interacts with Paapri Cloud Technologies. When she has a question, she never hesitates to ask and we get her an answer. Since Paapri met her back in 2018 she took time in understanding Paapri and helped us be who we are while helping NetSuite Sales Reps and Paapri Sales Reps provide the best solution and services to our common customers.
Paapri Star Influencer of 2021
Paapri wanted to recognize Felicia by presenting her with something near and dear to our heart. It’s the suite of products from Genexa. Paapri witnessed David and Max build Genexa from ground up. Now everywhere we go we see Genexa products – in Target, Fresh Thyme, Whole Foods, Amazon. Genexa is happy with NetSuite and what makes a great success story to present one of our best evangelists products that one of proud NetSuite and Paapri Customers make.

Keep up the great work Felicia! Thanks for a great partnership!

If you are interested in learning more check out our case study on the implementation Paapri partnered with Genexa and NetSuite on here. Genexa was able to switch from QuickBooks to a Paapri implemented NetSuite ERP system which has allowed them to grow and serve there clients as they grow!

As Genexa grew, the focus of the company was changing and growing as well. They wanted to expand their reach into Over-the-Counter (OTC) drugs. Due to this increase in business and prospective growth, they knew that they had to make the switch from QuickBooks to NetSuite. Specifically, they wanted to focus on improving businesses processes and their ability to utilize the Amazon marketplace.

Arjun summarized it well, “there are a lot of capabilities in the NetSuite system and you can’t build it all overnight.” He needed a reliable partner that could implement NetSuite, and “treat it like a long term relationship”. We’re happy to say that the Genexa – Paapri partnership is still working together to this day.

Genexa is all about two dads that dared to ask why medicine (medicine!) couldn’t be made using cleaner ingredients, and formed a company around the idea. Genexa is revolutionizing the medicine aisle in over 40,000 stores. Paapri is proud to work with a company that values match. Watch the video to hear about the challenges and lessons learned along the way and his advice for other entrepreneurs looking to make the world a better place.

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