Paapri and Planet Together new Partnership set to enhance your Netsuite experience

Paapri Cloud Technology is excited to announce our new partnership with PlanetTogether. We are now able to offer a market leading advanced capacity planning extension alongside NetSuite for your scheduling & planning software needs.

What issues were faced with the NetSuite’s standard scheduling & planning software?

Currently, NetSuite utilizes the “Infinite Capacity” approach to production scheduling. This means that, when receiving orders, the system assumes that there are limitless supplies of resources (manpower, raw materials etc.) during the manufacturing process. While this approach suits some production processes it means that there is still a high level of manual interaction required to manage demand and delivery.

How Planet Together offers an improvement on this?

When Paapri implemented NetSuite at the MOTT corporation it was recognized early on that the standard approach mentioned above was insufficient. The decision was made to research alternative systems that would provide this expanded functionality and it was quickly apparent that PlanetTogether offered the optimal solution. The Advanced Planning & Scheduling capabilities would mean that the MRP system would be able to analyze the current customer demands, schedule them appropriately across their various production line and ensure that there are sufficient raw materials by generating purchase orders to maintain stock levels. However, to achieve all of this this 3rd party application would need to be linked to NetSuite.

How Paapri was able to help?

PlanetTogether had been linked with a wide variety of ERP packages previously but had until now not been integrated with NetSuite. The team at Paapri is very experienced and has lots of experience with integrations and so, in conjunction with PlanetTogether, was able to seamlessly link the two systems, providing a complete solution.

What does this partnership mean for Paapri and our clients?

This partnership between Paapri and PlanetTogether enables us to offer this advanced manufacturing functionality as standard to our existing and future customers. As “P”, our Master Principal Consultant put it “We needed a Rolls Royce of a solution for our Manufacturing Customers. Our partnership with PlanetTogether, and subsequently the established connection with the core functionality of NetSuite means we can provide our customers with the best of both worlds”.

However, here at Paapri we try not to rest on our laurels and are already working on the development of applications that utilize PlanetTogether’s scheduling engine as a “Black Box” to cater for our customer’s advanced planning requirements.

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