ABI Attachments Experiences 30% Increase in Sales and Unlimited Customizability with NetSuite

Client: ABI Attachments

equestrian tractor attachment
Equestrian Tractor Attachment

ABI Attachments is a Midwest-based manufacturing company known for their tractor attachments for equestrian, sports turf, and commercial landscaping. Prided on their innovation, integrity, and service, their long-lasting products help customers get their work done better and easier.  

Challenges in Sales and Order Processing Leading to Poor Business Valuations 

Before upgrading their software system, ABI had direct contact with their customers through its website and a telesales team. With 170,000+ prospects, complex products and parts offerings, multiple vendors, in-house manufacturing, three owners and a team of 40 employees, business was booming. Despite all the sales, the company had immense inefficiencies in order processing and managing suppliers. What was most concerning was that, in spite of the sales, the owners did not see any profits in the company, decreasing the value of the company year after year.

tractor attachment for property owners
Property Owner Products

A Unified Solution with a Refreshing User Interface 

To solve this major business problem, ABI Attachments hired Paapri to help. Paapri’s initial idea was to replace the home-grown CRM (built by the CEO, who was also an engineer) with an advanced order processing software. Our consultants spent about three weeks meeting with various stakeholders to identify the need for an ERP platform. Among some of the biggest ERP vendors, Paapri helped ABI zero in on NetSuite.  

It was definitely the right choice: not only did NetSuite offer ABI a fantastic deal but, with our experience implementing NetSuite for manufacturing industries, Team Paapri got ABI live in record time—only three months. Paapri, using the “One Team” method, implemented the NetSuite Manufacturing edition, migrated all the customer data and historical transactions, and got ABI live on time, below budget. In addition to the many technical aspects, our consultants worked with ABI employees, hand-in-hand, pushing through the change and breaking the departmental silos. After a quick but well-done implementation, ABI was prepared for spring, their busiest season of the year.

30% Increase in Sales & Unlimited Customizability 

ABI is now one of Paapri’s biggest success stories. Using NetSuite to its fullest capability, ABI saw a 30% increase in sales year-over-year (YOY). The CEO, who was first skeptical about NetSuite, now builds all of his metrics from NetSuite data. Whenever the ABI team has problems, Paapri uses NetSuite’s capabilities to work out solutions. Now, the business is able to do more, without hiring more resources.  

Their NetSuite system enabled ABI to internally convert their siloed culture to a more collaborative one. With unified departmental information, the company has become—as it was always hoped to be—an engineer’s paradise. Through Paapri’s help, ABI customized NetSuite to their heart’s content, getting their new system exactly how they wanted it to be.  

“Not only an ERP focus but also the [Paapri] team’s background and experience in operational processes, business mapping, and understanding the nuances of integrations and how they play together, became critical to our successful NetSuite implementation.” 

Jim C., Vice President of Operations at ABI Attachments

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