A Big Idea: NetSuite as a Platform

When beginning to consider a new ERP system, it’s not uncommon to make a list of what you’ll need that ERP to do from a functionality perspective. That list might look something like this:

  • I need an ERP that will manage my customers
  • I need an ERP that will manage my suppliers
  • I need an ERP that will manage my dealers
  • I need an ERP that will manage my production, both made to order and made to stock
  • I need an ERP that will manage my quality system

This list certainly isn’t all inclusive of the many ERP needs of a business, and it’s obvious that whichever system is chosen, it should be robust.

But the one thing missing within this consideration is how will the ERP system flex as your company needs change and grow? There are ERP products out there that will accommodate what your business needs are today, but will they be able to fulfill your business needs of tomorrow?

NetSuite is more than just an ERP product – it can be considered a platform and should be treated as such. The flexibility NetSuite offers paired with the ability to build almost any application with the SuiteBuilder tools makes it a unique solution.

Utilizing NetSuite as a platform allows you to keep it as the single source of truth, with no additional server costs needed. Most importantly though, NetSuite provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing your ERP system will evolve with your business needs.

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