MHC Medical Products

Client – MHC Medical Products, Jordan Klosterman (Vice President of Technology)

MHC is a manufacturer of medical products, specializing in diabetic appliances. They focus on offering lower pricing on high-quality products in the wholesale market. Their affordability, great customer service, and fast shipping has created a business with happy, loyal customers. This company admired for it’s own quick turnaround was going to need something delivered to them quickly as well, NetSuite.

Challenges – Need for Services and Functionalities in a Short Time

When MHC made the decision to partner with Paapri on their NetSuite implementation, they were in the midst of separating from their parent company. They would have a clean slate, and a new system to kickstart it. However, this split would come with both pros and cons. One such con being that they would need to bring a lot of services and functionalities to their business in a short time frame. Due to this time crunch, Jordan Klosterman, VP of Technology, felt that due to the situation, “we had very little time to get NetSuite working”. If they were strung along too long, they’d be wasting valuable time and resources. Luckily for the MHC team, NetSuite recommended Paapri for this project.

Action/Solution – Overcoming Time Zone Problems for a Smooth Implementation

Jordan was happy with the outcome, stating, “Paapri went above and beyond in my opinion. There weren’t any issues with the implementation”, but there was frustration with the time zone difference. Several of Paapri’s consultants work from an office in Kolkata, India, meaning much of the behind the scenes work on the implementation happens on that side of the world. This could sometimes pose a scheduling issue for either side, and for a company that prides our self on service quality and quick turn around, we weren’t happy with ourselves.

In the time since, Paapri has taken several actions to ensure that another customer doesn’t face these time zone issues. We now provide constant support to our clients, at all hours of the day and night. This was done by upgrading to a night shift in addition to our daily coverage, meaning we have consultants available at all hours of the day and night. The head of the delivery team in India, Sukanta Das Sharma, details the process, “We have a system set in place where our consultants work from 9 am to 5 pm PST [Pacific Standard Time], so the time most of our clients are in. When there is a problem, it is ticketed or documented, and the junior consultants try, to the best of their ability, to solve the problem. In the morning (India time), the lead consultants then come in and see what has been done and fix it further or more completely”. When mentioning the customers in Eastern Time, for example MHC, Sukanta responds with, “For customers in EST, it might be helpful to increase the time the junior consultants are there at night. But we will look into that and find a solution.” Though the system is still being fine-tuned, Paapri is making great strides in customer service and overall assistance.

Results –A Full, Completed NetSuite Implementation

Go-live is a major phrase for both Paapri and the client. It signals all of Paapri’s hard-work paying off, and the customer having the ability to access NetSuite in its full capacity. The time to start seeing changes in their business is here. Now, MHC has functionalities and services that exceed even their parent company.

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