How To Deal With Long Lead Times in Manufacturing

Long lead time brings production to a halt lowering profitability. Paapri’s PCT Vendor Portal Microapp is here to help you manage your inventory!

If you are in anyway related to the manufacturing industry, you are dealing with complications with supply chain and calculating your lead times. Let’s take the electronics industry for example and use LCD or TFT displays. You probably have felt the issue of longer than normal lead times from suppliers in China. Your ERP established your leads and ordered your parts perfectly, but still the parts don’t arrive on time. We understand and feel the pain. Paapri sells manufacturing consoles with Paapri Manufacturing Console Software running on EloTouch devices. For example, some Paapri customers who ordered EloTouch devices in July have still not received their devices.


Does this sound familiar? You ordered 100 units of one part and 100 of another. The supplier informs you that he must change the revision on one part. They have 10 of Part 1/Rev A, 10 of Part 1/Rev B, and 15 of Part 2/Rev A. They can also supply another 25 of Part 2/Rev A in another 2 weeks. Next, they contact the buyer who does not know what to do with the Part 1/Rev B. The buyer request approval through engineering and instructs the supplier to hold the parts. The buyer receives engineering approval, informs production and sales, and then issues a Purchase Order. After all this legwork, the supplier replies “Sorry,” the parts are already sold.

The ordering process changes rapidly leading to a steady stream of frustration for you, you buyer, and your entire team. Paapri’s PCT Vendor Portal Microapp helps your team deal with long lead times and make sure customers are in the know!

The PCT Vendor Portal Microapp is a light weight, easy-to-use web application that runs on a state-of-the-art modern technology stack. The Microapp is custom configured and houses the business logic to make intelligent decisions tailed to the customers’ unique requirements. The PCT Vender Portal connects to any ERP or accounting package and opens a portal to your supplier where they can view submitted Purchase Orders. The supplier can open the PO and submit an exception request with the anticipated release dates. This triggers a chain of emails to the buyer and to the secondary approver (i.e. engineering) who can approve the changes and releases. The vendors will receive a notification and the PO in the ERP will update with the new release dates. This also triggers a notification to production and sales, keeping everyone in the know, with essentially a lead time calculator.


All Paapri Microapps can be configured to be connected to your ERP Offline or Online apps focusing on a single feature producing lightning-fast productivity. The Microapps are a vital part of the PCTeRP Suite, or they can be custom developed to suit your exact needs. 


We understand that times are tough with long lead times from suppliers, and you require quick reactions to be successful. With the Paapri PCT Vendor Portal Microapp, you set decision making criteria and let the Microapp operate for you, even when suppliers are in an opposite time zone. To learn more about how the solutions provided by PCT Microapps can help alleviate your long lead time pains, with our lead time analysis, contact your Paapri representative today.

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  1. Gia Mcdowell
    July 26, 2023

    Dear administrator, You always provide great examples and real-world applications.


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