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Client Introduction

How many of us actually know what’s in our medicine? How do we know what we are ingesting? Our culture has shifted to a more sustainable, organic way of farming in order to become more aware of ingredients in our food. Yet, we often ignore and neglect to understand what is in the medication we take.

Genexa, Inc. has since tackled this issue. Through many years of research and development with a team of highly skilled pharmacists, chemists, formulators, and medical professionals; Genexa has accomplished their goal of creating clean medicine free of preservatives, toxins, flavors, dyes, and GMOs. Check out their products, including Sleepology and Flu Fix, at your local Walmart or CVS Pharmacy, among other locations. For a talented, driven team with great products and an ambitious plan, their future looks bright.

We had the opportunity to interview Arjun Singh, the Director of Finance and our main point of contact, which helped us understand the effect our NetSuite implementation had on Genexa.

Challenges – The Limitations of QuickBooks

As Genexa grew, the focus of the company was changing and growing as well. They wanted to expand their reach into Over-the-Counter (OTC) drugs. Due to this increase in business and prospective growth, they knew that they had to make the switch from QuickBooks to NetSuite. Specifically, they wanted to focus on improving businesses processes and their ability to utilize the Amazon marketplace.

Arjun summarized it well, “there are a lot of capabilities in the NetSuite system and you can’t build it all overnight.” He needed a reliable partner that could implement NetSuite, and “treat it like a long term relationship”. We’re happy to say that the Genexa – Paapri partnership is still working together to this day.

Action/Solution – A Strong Partner and Revolutionary Software

Throughout the transition, Arjun describes how the Paapri team was consistently ready to help. One challenge he faced in the process was the trouble of trying to balance his day-to-day work with the time-consuming NetSuite implementation.

He felt “buried” in work because there was a focus solely on the end goals rather than simplifying the checkpoints. One of our CEMs (Customer Experience Manager), Lauren Prestin, noticed this problem and adjusted the road map, a detailed schedule of the implementation, accordingly. This eased the weight on Arjun’s shoulders and led to a smoother implementation. In addition, Genexa’s lead consultant, Anubhav Sharma, was described as “a total superstar”. This title speaks to his incredible ability to go through the complex transition step-by-step in order to help Genexa.

Paapri is known for solving our customers’ unique problems with unique solutions. Arjun commented about Anubhav doing just that by “always thinking outside the box”. Adding on, he says, “Between [Anubhav] and his team, they really executed well on getting what we needed”.

Key Points

Working with the Director of Finance, it was inevitable that a large focus would be on the overall management and configuration of Genexa’s financials. Although NetSuite has the potential to assist in all aspects of a business, Arjun sought to utilize the system “first and foremost for financials”. Fortunately, Paapri and its consultants had Arjun completely covered. Thrilled with our expertise on the financial side of NetSuite, he says, “I really have to compliment the team on the more complex customization work we had in terms of scripting and how we report our financials. They were extremely well done. We haven’t run into any issues”.

However, customizing NetSuite for financials is not the only thing in Paapri’s wheelhouse. Paapri has done various customization for Genexa’s operations and quality team. Since it was “completely unrelated to financials”, Arjun was not as involved. But, he told his internal team that “they are working with stars so they’re not going to have problems with getting what they requested”. After reviewing email chains and hearing the feedback from his colleagues, he knew that “every customization and every need was met”. Now, Arjun knows that Paapri not only has “financial expertise” but can also “communicate with brand new NetSuite users” to deliver quality work.

Results – Improved Inventory Tracking

Arjun had multiple ideas for what he wanted the software to do in order to streamline Genexa. We wanted to ensure that these needs were being met to their fullest potential. When describing these conversations, he states that “the time was taken to really understand what I was looking for”. With every new idea, we always responded with “Let’s talk through this” in order to truly acknowledge what he wanted. If we were unable to make it work the way he desired, we tried to find a “workaround” to ensure his vision was obtained. In the end, we were able to personalize the software to what he wanted and what was best for the business. This was done by doing deep research to understand Genexa, as well as developing a relationship with constant communication and strong effort on both ends.

After a successful NetSuite implementation, improvements were seen immediately. Arjun explains that “the core improvement that was noticeable, right away, was the ability to have very in-depth detail, all connected in one place”.


Although the NetSuite implementation is complete, the relationship between Paapri and Genexa “is not by any means over”. The endless capabilities of NetSuite combined with Paapri’s expertise allows for Genexa to be the ultimate beneficiary.

Genexa has transitioned to Paapri’s ERPCare program, a post go-live support option we provide for any additional training, customization, or modules the team may want down the road. Paapri offers this service to all existing NetSuite users, whether we handled their implementation or not. Paapri also offers erp implementation and erp care to other medical and health manufacturers looking for implementation partners.

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