ERP Solutions for Metal Fabrication Manufacturers

Metal fabricators and metalworkers can be classified into two major classifications: Precision and Non-precision. Paapri’s ERP solution for metalworkers has been developed to accommodate the needs of both.


How does Paapri accommodate material price fluctuations in metals such as steel, aluminum, and copper to ensure accurate quotes?

Paapri’s ERP solution utilizes a Cost Estimator and CPQ to ensure the quoting process is easier. Integrating a robust supply and demand engine will suggest to the buyer what to buy and when the company can circumvent price risks. Automatic reminders on quotes that aren’t converted to orders will reduce the quote to order cycle, providing accurate information to assist with material planning.

erp for metal manufacturers

How can Paapri assist with Production Scheduling?

Paapri’s extended ERP systems can holistically assist with production planning by developing a solution that organizes workload based on projects quotes to run on specific machines, determining Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), skilled worker utilization, and scheduled and unscheduled downtime. The solution utilizes Paapri’s Manufacturing Console (PMC) to capture all aspects of the job as well as utilizes loT hooks to read machine data. Capable to Promise (CTP) in a quoting cycle gives insight for sales reps as to when the required number of parts can be produced.

How does Paapri’s ERP solution handle secondary processes?

Paapri utilizes vendor portals to let outside processors provide visibilities do jobs and upload documents. Paapri has produced alert and stop gate mechanisms for users to sense problems more efficiently and react accordingly based on years of experience in ERP for metal fabricators.

How can Paapri reduce the amount of wasted scrap metal?

Metal utilization starts at the quoting phase. When a company runs into an Engineer to Order (ETO) situation, the sales rep or estimator needs to know material availability and effective use of scrap. Paapri integrates specialized nesting software—as well as built its own microapp for die-cutters—to optimize jobs that can be processed. This allows quotes to be cost competitively and effectively use material.

“Paapri’s ERP solution utilizes a Cost Estimator and CPQ to ensure the quoting process is easier. Integrating a robust supply and demand engine will suggest to the buyer what to buy and when the company can circumvent price risks.”

How can an ERP handle high tolerance, low volume parts manufacturing?

Paapri understands that many metal working companies in the aerospace, medical, and aviation industries, for example, produce parts with high tolerance requirements. Paapri’s solution to this challenge is executed in the following ways:

  • Quality Management Systems (QMS)
  • Documentation and Compliance
  • Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)


Paapri assists companies by integrating an external quality management system into an ERP, creating a quote approval system for all applicable departments, and making quality capacity as well as added costs to measure and maintain the system visible to sales reps.

Documentation and Compliance

Paapri’s solution reduces the documentation workload substantially by generating documents out of the ERP by collating all information from the ERP database and the machines. Paapri’s QMS interface can pull up all measurable dimensions and call-outs, for example, and can also be interfaced with a Coordinate-Measuring Machine (CMM).


OEE: Overall Equipment Efficiency

Paapri utilizes loT capabilities to connect machines to the ERP. This allows machine data and critical parameters to feed into the ERP. The value of integrating machine data in the ERP is to help companies plan preventive maintenance strategies to increase the availability of machines. OEE is the product of a machine’s availability, performance, and quality. While manual machining centers depend on a machinist’s skill for quality, availability and performance are extremely important.

Paapri solves our customers unique problems with unique solutions fitted to the budget. With years of experience of helping SMB Manufacturers, Paapri can very easily design a solution to make precision manufacturing easier for metal fabricators and metalworkers.

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