ERP Software Solution for the Furniture Industry

Paapri understands the unique challenges furniture manufacturers and furniture wholesale distributors are experiencing and we have a custom ERP solution for furniture manufacturers.


Furniture Manufacturing Business Process: Disparate Systems

Paapri knows when it comes to the furniture manufacturing process each material has its supply chain in order to fulfill the requirements of each product. Due to this, manufacturers rely on more than one company to fulfill their orders. Ideally, this manufacturing process would go like clockwork but with this new age of working, many of these processes are done both physically on-site and remotely. Paapri also understands that if you are a custom-made furniture wholesale distributor there is even more complexity. For example, internally someone goes to the “end-users” sites, takes measurements, designs the furniture on AutoCAD or Solidworks, gets end-users approval, possibly does template, and then, manufacturing starts. Custom-made furniture is also high-end and expensive. In turn, the metal component can quickly change to wood or carbon fiber. The plastic piece may change promptly to granite, quartz, and ceramics. The fabric component can change to upholstered, on-site fitting of high-end fabric. We are not talking about cloth anymore. We may be talking about fur or leather, which can get quite costly if you have numerous disparate systems that don’t talk to each other–making the process an internal nightmare without a custom ERP software solution.

Unique Solution: Mix of ERP Software, Services, Consulting, and ERP Care


ERP for Furniture Distributor

Paapri has worked with multiple manufacturers and furniture distributors to enhance their business manufacturing cycle, such as ,Patio Essentials, who do precisely this process: buy and sell patio furniture to major online and big-box retailers. Though Patio Essentials would be considered a ,furniture wholesaler, they used Oracle Netsuite to solve their supply chain issues. Here are some of the results of implementing an ERP solution for this specific furniture wholesaler:

  • A complete ERP solution could help a wholesaler get a detailed understanding of the entire supply chain, starting from furniture fabrication to finishing.
  • An ERP will also give visibility to any potential material shortages across all the branches of the supply chain and help identify critical bottlenecks.
  • An ideal ERP system should predict the upstream demand and pass it downstream to how many metal rods to cut and at precisely what time.
  • This system will also learn from the previous quality issues that the supply chain may have had and will try to minimize those.

Expanded ERP Solution That Delivers: Paapri Custom MicroApps

Another one of Paapri customers that benefited from an ERP system was ,Snaidero, a custom furniture manufacturer. Snaidero USA mission is to bring the best of the “Made-in-Italy ” modern kitchen design and cabinetry for living spaces to American homes. While Snaidero’s customer base is high-end—with fewer houses being built during COVID, people not building houses but buying existing inventory, and with the furniture having about a 50-year lifespan—companies like Snaidero saw the needed to widen their customer base and reach out to new markets.


With this, Paapri found the ideal solution was an integrated solution that would allow them to manage upstream activities and the natural downstream activities. Paapri’s custom solution also allowed for more in-depth support through the use of our micro-apps. This allows the user to expand some of the missing functionality in our customers’ systems. PCT ERP (Paapri Cloud Technologies ERP) is a suite of small applications all interconnected with each other and can communicate with any external systems, essentially bridging the gaps.

With Paapri’s support, you and your customers can experience the benefits of what an ERP can do for your business, whether it be improving your furniture shop management system documentation to increasing efficiency or integrating inventory control for the management of supply chain delays. Many organizations can become more successful by simply streamlining their operations. An effective ERP software for your furniture manufacturing business helps achieve both of these goals, among others.

In addition to being a reseller of ERP for furniture manufacturers, Paapri offers custom development solutions that can augment some of the missing functionality in our customers’ ERP systems. For this reason, we suggest you consult with a member of our team before you purchase an ERP and for you to identify and define the problems you are facing, allowing us to find the best, unique solution and increase your Return on Investment (ROI).

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