How Paapri Enabled Real-Time Visibility for a UK-Based Fashion Supplier

Client: Twill London Ltd. UK

Twill London’s Office

For some, shopping for clothes is a chore. For others, it’s a fun activity to do with friends and family. However, what we often overlook is where the apparel is coming from. Twill London Limited designs and manufactures ladies’ and men’s fashion apparel that we see in high street and online retailers all over the world. Ensuring that their clothing is high quality, sold at competitive prices, and sustainable, Twill London provides inventive products to their customers.  

Challenge: Multiple Platforms

Twill London’s Products

One of the main selling points of NetSuite is its ability to consolidate numerous core business functions into one system. Since Twill London’s previous system, Uphance, did not have that functionality, they were forced to use multiple platforms to manage their day-to-day processes. Wanting to have a centralized view of their business processes, they decided to switch over to NetSuite. With NetSuite, they have unparalleled visibility into their business with the added benefit of having important insights and transactions on a singular dashboard. 

Solution: Paapri’s Industry Knowledge 

Paapri, due to prior experience implementing ERP for Fashion Suppliers, was the perfect candidate for the job. First, Paapri had to understand what core tools Twill London required. They wanted a bird’s-eye view over their whole manufacturing process–from the initial order to the shipment. Additionally, they needed a custom viewpoint on sales and purchase orders. 

Understanding Twill London’s needs, Paapri utilized Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) with an integrated ERP system (NetSuite) to give Twill the visibility they desired. 

A Powerful Combination

PLM, like the name suggests, is a business discipline that oversees products and services at every stage—from creating and updating them to bringing them to market quickly. An ERP solution works hand-in-hand with PLM as it allows one to collect and analyze data involved in the creation, manufacturing, and distribution of a product.  

Specifically, the powerful combination of PLM and NetSuite enabled Twill to track a product’s status throughout the manufacturing process via tracking records. This allowed instant knowledge of the whereabouts of their products as well as what stage of the manufacturing process the product was currently in. Working with manufacturers from around the globe and promising a turnover of four weeks for the production process, PLM integrated with NetSuite was a game-changer for Twill London.  

Results: Record Go-Live Time & Hopes for the Future 

Due to Paapri’s well-experienced team, Twill London was up and running within two months. Quickly smoothing any bumps in the road, we ensured Twill had a seamless transition to the cloud. We are excited about our continued partnership with Twill London and supporting them in their journey with NetSuite. 

Here at Paapri, we do more than implement NetSuite: we handle all aspects of ERP (including ERP solutions for fashion suppliers) – ranging from consulting, to evaluations and remediation, to Suite Scripting services. Let us know what we can do for you! 


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