UK Clothing Retailer, Wyse, Partners With Paapri for Comprehensive ERP Solution and Support


WYSE, established in 2015, has already created a wave in the fashion industry by showing how cashmere was not just to be seen as a classic conservative piece but as a staple piece that can be enjoyed by all no matter your age.

The Wyse community has grown into an amazing, supportive, and very stylish crew – of all shapes and sizes, aged from 18 to 80 – who wear the collection in their own inimitable way.

With the inability to talk or integrate into other platforms, the existing accounting system didn’t easily support the increasing company advancements, slowing down the overall operation.

The continued growth of WYSE made it imperative that a reliable ERP be found to grow alongside their business needs, and the team decided what was needed was a cloud-based network with the ability to integrate with Shopify and 3PL (Torque) warehouse system.


Wyse approached Paapri with a requirement of implementing their business into NetSuite and connecting NetSuite to its 3PL website – Torque to ensure that there were efficiencies across platforms for better overall operations.

To help Wyse grow in the competitive retail industry, Paapri implemented an ERP solution with NetSuite and proposed bringing in their in-house application, PCT Connect, to enable integration within the various selling platforms. The Paapri expert team utilized PCT Connect to push all the open Sales Orders/Purchase Orders into Torque (3PL Platform) on an hourly basis. With that solve, the orders are fulfilled/received by Torque, a response is sent by Torque through PCT Connect which then creates the Item Fulfillment/Item Receipt records into NetSuite. Thus, completing and successfully automating the fulfilling/receiving process.

Paapri also implemented Pre-Order scripting to meet the client’s needs in the overall sales and purchase process. Paapri executed a custom field in Item Master Record and added a checkbox in the Sales Order, Item Fulfillment and Purchase Order, and Item Receipt line levels. The rollout of this script allows for anyone to see quantity in real-time.


After go-live, Wyse continues its partnership with Paapri in their digital journey, taking advantage of our expert ERP Support.

With our post go-live support team, Paapri has provided the solution for Bank Data import, HMRC tax submission, Journal Entry upload, CSV imports, Approval workflow, Global E orders from NetSuite to Torque through PCT Connect, schedule script to update the account in the Cash Sales, through Suitelet WSSI report create (which helps to join the values from two different saved searches like Transaction search and Item Search) and other support issues.

Choosing Paapri as a NetSuite implementation partner paid off for Wyse by easing the workload of their employees and providing them visibility to financial and accounting data, and helping the team focus on the growth of the company across multiple selling platform. Through workflow implementation, saved searches, customized reports, and pre-order scripting solution Wyse has gained customer satisfaction and streamlined the entire operational business process.

ERP implementation is a process. It requires a lot of planning to ensure success and choosing the right partner to guide you through it can make all the difference. If you’re considering an ERP implementation, visit


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