Endomag’s Move to NetSuite

Paapri Cloud Technologies continues to build its client base within the medical industry as Endomag went live in NetSuite last month. Through a combination of NetSuite leading practices, Paapri’s industry experience, and a full understanding of what was wanted from their system, Endomag is looking at a bright future on NetSuite.

Endomag is a medical technology company devoted to improving the global standard of cancer care. Their Sentimag® probe, Magseed® marker and Magtrace® lymphatic mapping agent are already in use by many of the world’s leading physicians and cancer centres. Their goal is to help women with breast cancer avoid surgery when possible, and experience better outcomes and comfortability when it is. They have helped over 10,000 of women around the world access more precise treatment and experience less invasive breast cancer care.

Founded in 2007 as a spin-out from the University of Houston and the University College London (UCL), they continue to develop a unique clinical platform from their headquarters in Cambridge, United Kingdom.


While every company is different, Endomag had some of the same key points of contention as many of our other clients. Just some of the points for which we were able to provide a solution are outlined below:

· Transitioned from Sage Financials to NetSuite

· Improved accuracy of procure-to-pay processes

· Optimized for cost-certainty

· Management of end-to-end inventory tracking processes

· Batch/LOT/Serial numbers and component traceability

· Outsourced manufacturing

· Auto generated serial and LOT numbers

· Multi-currency capabilities

· The list goes on

Whether you’re a growing business ready to make the next push, or a business who has already well outgrown your current systems, reach out to us at Paapri Cloud Technologies to find out if NetSuite is a good fit for you.

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