Employee Spotlight: Rehan Nawaz

For our next employee spotlight, we will be showcasing the embodiment of what Paapri is all about: Rehan Nawaz! With a brilliant mind and exceptional leadership skills, Rehan continues to make enormous strides in developing software, training others, and contributing to the tight-knit community of Team India. While one blog post won’t do him justice, we can, at least, celebrate his hard work and dedication to the flower.  

Tell us about your role at Paapri. 

Hola Everyone!! I’m Rehan Nawaz, working as a Senior Consultant and Lead at Paapri Tech. Center of Excellence. My key focus areas are in ERP Implementation and Development, inventing new technical stuff, and problem-solving skills. I also focus on grooming the team in my company.  

Rehan Nawaz

Why did you decide to work at Paapri? 

I always wanted to work in a start-up company because it gives me the opportunity to do a lot of different things, learn from true innovators, and contribute to its growth. Instead of working for a large company out of college, I decided to give my effort to grow Paapri. I invented PMC, PMC Lite, PCT Connect, PCTeRP, etc. If I had selected larger MNCs (Multinational Companies in India) to work for, this would not be possible because I would have been dependent on someone else. In Paapri, my focus is introducing technology that connects other worlds to NetSuite.  

What is your favorite part about working with Paapri?  

My presence makes sense. My presence helps the company grow.  

Do you have any specific projects that you particularly enjoyed? Why?  

MOTT and Design Veronique (DV). I was in MOTT and DV from the very beginning and I loved it from the bottom of my heart. I had very little knowledge about the projects but gradually, I learned a lot and it became the reason why I have invented so many new things. MOTT helped me analyze my potential as it gave me challenges where I had to come out successfully with new innovations.   

How would you describe the culture at Paapri?  

The culture at Paapri is a mixture of Clan and Adhocracy culture.  

 Clan culture: Paapri focuses on teamwork. Relationships, participation, and company morale are at the forefront for Paapri. Managers are looked at as advisors and guides to employees, as opposed to an authoritarian “boss” who gives instructions without context or assistance and disciplines those who make mistakes. Paapri focuses on keeping the barriers between the executive level and employees to a minimum.   

Adhocracy culture: Paapri focuses on innovation and risk-taking. It creates an entrepreneurial environment in the workplace in which employees are encouraged to take risks. Ideas that would be considered too unconventional for a more conservative workplace are actively nurtured and pursued and I like Paapri for this.  

I call it my company because I have love for this company (each member of this company). Paapri has aspirational goals and visions. It is always looking for the “next big thing”. Whether it is functional or technical, we do not fear taking risks. Our GODFATHER “P” has given us such training that we do not fear facing the outside world for any new challenges.   

What are your interests or favorite activities?   

I am interested in Sci-Fi movies and never miss a chance to watch Marvel movies (Avengers, Thor, etc.). My favorite activity is riding my bike. I also have a separate love for art. So, I create paintings which hold hidden messages. I also believe what Eden Gallery says about art: “Art plays an important role in society, shapes cultures, and builds a better understanding of mankind. Art can emphasize religion, and portrays history in a visual format.” 

Share a fun story about you.

When I was in 6th standard, I used to play the “Snake” game on my dad’s NOKIA phone. It was very fascinating to me and then, I decided that one day I will be a mobile app and games developer. And that’s where my journey began.   

And, just for fun, what’s your favorite dish?   

My all-time darling dish: Chicken Biriyani. 

Rehan’s responses echo our mission statement: “With the right mix of product, service, consulting, and support, Paapri solves customers’ unique problems with unique solutions that fit their budget.” With his inventive spirit, he has consistently invented unique technological solutions that help SMB owners on their digital transformation journey.  

This post highlights who we are as a company and the essential people that are the cornerstone of our values. If your business would like to explore our services and appreciates the culture that we have created (and, maybe even requires one of the numerous solutions that Rehan has developed), talk to us for a free consultation. Or, if you would like to be a part of this community and Rehan’s words resonate with you, check out our careers.  

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