Employee Spotlight: Matt Miller

In this Employee Spotlight we will be highlighting Matt Miller, a new addition to Paapri’s US Delivery Team. Matt is the perfect fit for the Paapri Family, as he is extremely knowledgeable thanks to his long-term background in the manufacturing business. With his altruistic nature, he is always finding ways to make everyone’s day better, truly the epitome of what being a Paapri team member is all about. Now lets hear from Matt….

What did you do prior to working at Paapri? 

 I worked at a company that manufactured and serviced overhead cranes. I started in their Service department, then transferred into manufacturing, and ultimately ended up managing their main warehouse operations and inventory. I decided to join Paapri because The company I worked for used NetSuite, and a lot of the challenges I faced in my role revolved around fixing processes that didn’t work correctly for our company in NetSuite. During that process, I found I really enjoyed working with others to tailor how we could make NetSuite work better for their needs. 

What do you do at Paapri and how long have you been here? 

 I am a Delivery Consultant, which means I work with our customers to shape the NetSuite product to their needs and set them up for future success. I have been working for Paapri for just over a month. 

What do you love most about your job? 

 The people I have met here are just really authentic. We have a wide variety of strengths, weaknesses, and backgrounds. At Paapri, we lean into that and collaborate with each other instead of expecting everyone to be an expert at everything. 

How have you grown as a person since you started working here? 

 I have become more structured and self-disciplined. My previous work has always been somewhat reactive or prescribed as far as what I am doing day to day. Here, things are more project based and there is a lot of opportunity to learn new things. Maintaining a balance between learning new industry operations, NetSuite capabilities, and customer meetings is a new challenge. 

How do you spend your free time? 

 I have two young kids, Miles (3 years) and Margaret (7 months), so I don’t have much free time in this phase of my life. During the summer, we are often playing out in our backyard/garden and grilling. I enjoy watching movies, Formula 1, American Football, and reading science fiction books whenever I can find time. 


Having Matt on the Paapri team has been nothing but a joy, we look forward to watching him grow and elevate while supporting him as best we can. If you would to join us, check out our career page,  https://www.paapri.com/paapri-careers/

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