Employee Spotlight: Cranz Dela Cruz

Joining our tight-knit, growing sales organization as a Business Development Rep is Cranz Dela Cruz! Unlike our other BDRs, Cranz will be operating at our UK office in Cambridge. Even though he is roughly 4,000 miles away, it is Team Paapri’s goal to make him feel supported and welcome. The first step in doing that is featuring him in an Employee Spotlight. So, without further ado:  

Tell us a little about yourself 

I grew up in Cambridge, U.K and went to school here all the way to university. I have lived in different places within the U.K and am now living in Cambridge again. My background has always been in sport and I have always played at a high level growing up. Throughout the years, I competed for the regional to national team and have developed a passion within entrepreneurship and business industries. 

Cranz working in his new office

What did you do prior to working at Paapri? 

Prior to working to Paapri I was working as a Personal Trainer which then led me to working as a Fitness sales consultant. I then transferred to working as a Sales Representative for a renewable technology company specialising in Solar Energy. 

What are your interests or favorite activities?   

I currently play for a local league Basketball team weekly and I maintain a routine of going to the gym 6 times a week. I also love playing chess from time to time and driving to new places.   

From your first week here, what have you learned about Paapri (about the work culture, the people, etc.)?  

I definitely love the mixture of working in-office and working remote. It’s certainly different to what I have worked with before. I have enjoyed my first week very much as I felt very welcomed throughout the entire team. I love the friendly atmosphere and the company’s culture on self-improvement to become successful. I love how I can talk to anyone within the team and get help as much as I need.   

What are you excited about in your future here, at Paapri?  

I’m definitely excited to see the development of my career here. To be valued and be part of the company’s future plans within the U.K. and Ireland Sector is very inspiring.   

What is your dream vacation? 

My dream vacation would be to go to a Vacation Cruise around Europe and Asia to explore the countries culture there and their local restaurants.   

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