Doing Our Part: Supporting Business

As the world continues to adapt to these trying times, I count my blessings that Paapri Cloud Technologies is able to continue to conduct business. We’re thrilled to be able to continue to provide ongoing support and implementation work to businesses who remain vital as each new day of passes.

The power of NetSuite has allowed the Paapri team to work remotely, continuing to support and implement for businesses such as these who are supporting the people of the United States in any way that they can:

  • NuGenTech – A producer of high tech chemicals, NuGenTech has deviated from their usual practices to produce hand sanitizer in bulk when many couldn’t find it left on store shelves
  • E-Fab – Involved in just about anything to do with metal fabrication, E-Fab is involved in the manufacturing of essential parts for the medical market, but has the capability and willingness to support ventilator manufacturing in the fight against COVID-19

In the coming weeks we’ll be looking to publish some fleshed out stories detailing how NetSuite allows companies like this to continue to operate efficiently, or continue their Paapri NetSuite implementation, without missing a beat. We’ll also look to gather some feedback as to other ways that these businesses are adapting to their current environment.

Please continue to stay safe wherever you are in these uncertain times.

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