Case Study With Paint and Chemical Manufacturer

Popular Paint and Chemicals is one of the leading business conglomerates in the paint industry in India. Currently, they have a strong presence across 4 states.

Popular Paints started its journey in 1984, as a humble, family-run trading enterprise. Today Popular Paints has grown into a professional company led by a highly qualified and experienced senior management team. Constant Innovation, strategic partnerships and a customer-focused approach have been the cornerstone of the company’s phenomenal growth!

The Challenges and The Solutions

Popular Paints runs their operations through a “home-grown” application, with Tally as the financial system. The home grown application is built on Microsoft visual basic with a Microsoft SQL server backend technology. It is an on-premise application and based on client server architecture. Considering the following challenges, Popular Paints management decided to move their entire operation to a cloud platform to scale their business.

  1. After experiencing a global lock down due to the pandemic, Popular Paints management felt the need to make data driven decisions in a timely manner. This is why they preferred to move into a cloud environment. In this case they found that Oracle NetSuite, being on cloud, was the perfect fit for their requirements.
  2. Their current application is developed by a local small company, so there was a huge dependency when catering to new requirements. As they scale their business to the next level, they wanted to get associated with a business solution partner, who would support them with a global level infrastructure. 
  3. While searching for the right fit among the different applications, one major thing came up during the evaluation — flexibility. Flexibility is very much required to map the business process flow, as the following business process needed a customized approach. Paapri was referred by Oracle to be the implementation partner, as Paapri is renowned when it comes to a customizable approach. 
  • CRM Solution – Popular Paints wanted features in the application to help them maintain the communication data with their dealers. At the same time, they had a concern on procuring NetSuite licenses due to the price. Considering this, Paapri approached them to develop PCT CRM, an add-on utility on top of NetSuite, which helped them perfectly address their concern. 
  • Packaging Module – Production was one of the prime concerns during the implementation process and the default production process was not sufficient enough to match their requirements. In this case also Paapri perfectly utilized its rich manufacturing implementation experience and guided the production team to a Packaging module solution. This software solution perfectly matched their requirement, in terms of saving lots of manual effort towards putting the manufacturing data into the application. 
  • Quality checking – Quality checking is an integral part of a production house and with Popular Paints there was no exception. In this case Paapri developed and delivered a unique solution on top of NetSuite, not only with out-of-the-box thinking, but no future recurring expenses for a NetSuite user license. 
  • Billing Solution – This was a requirement for their sales department. There are a few users who prepare the invoice. Consuming a user id was not a feasible solution for them so Paapri developed PCT Billing on top of NetSuite, which allows the user to convert the sales order into an invoice without logging into NetSuite. 
  • Reminder for Recurring Renewals – To run a manufacturing unit, there are thousands of documentations which need to be maintained and renewed after a certain period. But sometimes it has been observed that, the date for renewal of a particular document has elapsed and a huge amount had to be created for late payment or as a fine. To manage these due dates, Paapri developed a utility, which will help them in this course. 

The Result

Choosing Oracle NetSuite as an application and Paapri as an implementation partner, provided Popular Paints with the perfect mix of a global platform as well as visibility to scale their business process. With the out of the box development approach, Popular Paints was able to find just the right mix to stay on budget.

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