Business Process Optimization With Paapri: Case Study With Health and Wellness Retailer

The Challenge

Meglio, a UK based European healthcare company committed to making individuals better through physiotherapy, stocks an extensive range of physiotherapy and training products. These products include latex-free resistance bands, kinesiology tape and acupuncture needles. They’ve also introduced a range of free training and exercise materials including professional videos which help to support patients during their rehabilitation and recovery.

Given the number of various product offerings and the continued expansion of the business, Meglio was struggling to organize the information around the volume of orders coming in, facing challenges in extracting, viewing, analyzing, and presenting the data. This also resulted in an increased workload for the team.

All of these factors led to the decision to begin to look for a better-fitting ERP, one that could unify accounting, financial, CRM and e-commerce activities on a single platform as well as provide access to tools that would alleviate team workloads.

Meglio Case Study

The Solution

Meglio sought out Paapri to help find the right ERP system that would satisfy all of their growing needs. Focused on helping them to find a more manageable system to handle orders, volume of data, and reporting capabilities along with streamlining their other business processes, Paapri consultants determined that a custom combination of solutions would fulfill the business needs.

Paapri implemented an ERP solution with NetSuite and integrated different online platforms such as Amazon, Shopify and 3PL Warehouse with their in-house PCT Connect integration software to automate the sales and fulfillment process. The change and improvements in visibility were instant.

Michael, Meglio Distribution and Supply Chain Manager, was particularly pleased with the Paapri team:

Just wanted to re-iterate how impressive the team has been since we started, and since we have gone live. Once all tasks have been completed, we will certainly miss working together. Meglio have a hard-work ethic and that has been reciprocated by Nita, Atindra and the wider Paapri team that has cemented our friendships.”

The Results

Choosing Paapri as their one-stop-shop software provider paid off for Meglio when the company both successfully launched NetSuite and helped ease the workload of their employees. They gained 100% visibility to financial and accounting data, accurate reporting, the ability to hold items with excess of 200 SKU combinations, all while helping the team focus on the growth of the company across multiple selling platforms.

Meglio continues its digital journey with ERP Support from Paapri, optimizing the business process and supporting growth.

ERP implementation is a process. It requires a lot of planning to ensure success and choosing the right partner to guide you through it can make all the difference. If you’re considering an ERP implementation, visit


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