Alan Environmental Products

Client: Alan Environmental Products, Josh Knuth (President/CEO)

In a world full of pollution, it’s time for businesses to take a stand. One company who is leading the pack is Alan Environmental Products. Their goal is to “provide ecological earth safe products that ensure effective results” for clients and their respective work environments. Their primary focus is water and waste collection systems, with supplementary products in odor elimination, as well as weed and insect control.

Once again ahead of the curve, Alan Environmental Products had already implemented NetSuite. The only issue being that it was not quite being utilized as well as Josh Knuth, the CEO, had previously hoped. A system as fluid as NetSuite needs to be form-fitted to each business who chooses to utilize it, a generic implementation isn’t going to give you nearly the same results.

Challenge, Action, and Result:

Prior to Paapri’s arrival, NetSuite wasn’t quite the software Alan Environmental expected. It was an improvement to what had existed prior, but in reality they were treading water just slightly closer to shore than they had been prior. This is often the case with an open and shut implementation involving no modifications specific to the business. They were driving 25 mph in a 60 mph zone. Wisely, the team made the choice to ramp things up.

With that, the Paapri team began optimizing NetSuite for Alan Environmental. Here at Paapri we do more than implement, we handle all aspects of ERP – ranging from consulting, to evaluations and remediation, to SuitScripting services. First things first, he needed his configuration and shipping problems within NetSuite to be solved. After we customized NetSuite to his business, we did him one better, and created a script to calculate commissions (a frequent request). Occasionally when going into a business for which we did not handle the implementation, we may run into some familiarity problems, and this was no exception. Fortunately we were able to work through them and get things back on track. Josh was more than happy with our services, stating, “Everything that you guys said you could do for me, you got it done. I had no complaints whatsoever.”

Paapri Customer Experience Managers are the client’s go-to for help or concerns. It is their job to guide the customer through their experience with Paapri and make sure they are always updated on the project and taken care of. Josh was particular impressed as, “Angela [the CEM for Alan Environmental] got back to us every time we had an issue or needed something. We always had her cell phone number, or we could just email her.” We continue to emphasize customer service here at Paapri. Angela was a huge reason why any issues throughout the scripting process were taking care of so easily.

“If there were any problems or issues, they would be addressed. We [Paapri and Alan Environmental] worked through them and got them done in a timely manner… I know that if I have an issue, I can call Paapri. The team will explain what’s going on and then find a fix for us.”

– Josh Knuth, CEO

Now, Alan Environmental’s NetSuite system is working better than ever and the business is closer than ever to reaching its full potential. Josh and the team won’t have to be troubled with any configuration problems going forward, and they have a new script that eliminates an old process completely.

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