About Paapri’s Newest Members

As Paapri grows, our team grows with it. Recently, Lauren Heirty and I joined the Paapri team as Business Development Representatives. And this post explains who we are and our first experiences.

My name is Parnasi Bandyopadhyay and if that last name looks familiar, there’s a high chance you know my father: Piyas “P” Bandyopadhyay, the CEO. Being the CEO’s daughter, this company has been a part of me ever since it started. But, I often took the backseat; I stayed uninvolved in the business. Paapri Cloud Technologies was my dad’s job. School was mine.

Three years ago, I went to India to visit my family. When I saw our office there, I realized how much I missed by staying indifferent. I was unaware of Paapri’s growth and I regretted not being a part of it. Looking at our consultants working hard and delivering quality work was inspiring. It showed me that I didn’t want to take the backseat anymore. Now, I try my best to contribute to this company and carry on the Paapri legacy.

About Lauren Heirty:

Over the past few months, my life has changed an incredible amount. I finished my freshman year of college, am currently living through a pandemic, and started my first internship. I’ve experienced a lot of different jobs, from retail in the local mall to a summer camp counselor. However, none of them have rewarded me as much as this current one. Looking on Indeed for summer employment, I had no clue what I wanted to do nor whether many jobs would be open. When I had found an “Office Administrator” position at Paapri Cloud Technologies, I decided to apply on a whim. When P, the CEO, called me in for an interview, I was ecstatic for this opportunity to work in an environment focused on software- a career path I want to take. When he explained to me more about how the position was actually an intern position that would allow me to be exposed to everything computers and business, I knew I had to accept his offer.

Although my college experience is still limited, I have sat through many classes that talk about career choices and how to get to where we want. I can write code that simulates a Blackjack game or work on a group project that utilizes a fake, cardboard robot meant to keep people out of bike lanes. But, these are just an introduction to a computer engineering-based job. Within this welcoming team, I have been able to build upon that prior random knowledge in order to adjust it to an actual career. Even though I have only been here for two weeks, I have learned not only about cloud software but also about business skills like marketing and customer service. This combination has allowed me to become more well rounded in my understanding of a future career.

Exciting new projects Lauren and I are handling:

  1. Marketing Paapri’s Hardware solutions and ERP Care services
  2. Talking to customers and writing case studies (Check out our most recent one)
  3. Learning how to code Javascript and HTML
  4. Updating Paapri’s social media

And, most importantly, doing our daily drawing competition (I’m currently winning).


Keep an eye out for more posts,

Parnasi and Lauren

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