Through a BDR’s Perspective: About Paapri

Each member of Team Paapri has their own conception of what Paapri does and what that means to them. There are some that know the business inside and out. There are others that are always learning more as each day passes. While we could refer to the experts to learn more about Paapri, it is worthwhile to have a new perspective on who we are.  

To those that are starting their research into ERP systems and/or potential partners, this blog post will serve as a stepping stone to lead you into the vast, in-depth knowledge base we have available for you.  

Our newest US BDR, Brenden Cotter, shares his insights (supplemented by some of our experts) into who Paapri is and what we do best. While we won’t get too technical, we will offer some useful general information, in an easy-to-understand manner.  

Who is Paapri, in your own words? 

We focus on ERP implementation and consulting and are able to provide personalized support and solutions for our customers. Because we have so much experience in the manufacturing industry, we are able to easily address and pinpoint any issues that may arise. We are founded on three values: Awesomeness, Team Paapri, and No BS.  

What do we do at Paapri? 

We provide and implement top-line ERP solutions. We ensure that our customers will know exactly what they have at their fingertips. Thanks to our hands-on project management team, we make sure that our customers are all very satisfied with what they have access to. We work very closely with NetSuite in the pre- and post-sale process. We also do provide general business needs and consulting.  

What have you learned, so far, about the software systems we specialize in? 

We are a NetSuite partner. NetSuite, the #1 Cloud ERP, offers solutions for a wide range of businesses. Regardless of the size or the industry, NetSuite allows businesses to get to that next level of growth and beyond. By consolidating multiple core processes into one automated system, NetSuite enables increased productivity and efficiency.  

Additionally, Paapri is an Infor partner. Infor is another ERP system that was built for manufacturing. 

We also have expertise in Salesforce CRM. Other CRMs, from what I’ve gathered, revolve around sales: making sure sales are flowing correctly and maintaining that relationship between sales and the customer. Salesforce can connect marketing, commerce, and IT with the sales team. It’s highly customizable. It gets smarter the more you use it: the more info you put into it, the more it is able to predict what will happen within your company.  

PCT ERP is Paapri’s ERP system. It is a stepping stone for larger ERP systems like NetSuite or Infor.  

 How does Paapri, as an implementation partner, cater NetSuite to our customer’s unique needs? 

With Paapri’s 30+ extensions, we can automate a lot of the processes for manufacturing and add additional customizations, between scripting and workflows, that just streamline the entire process. That takes a lot of the manual entry out of the way, and it makes it a lot more user-friendly.  

What services does Paapri offer? 

We provide consulting within the manufacturing realm. We implement ERP and CRM solutions. Most importantly, we form long-term partnerships, where not only are we helping them grow but we are growing alongside them.  

Who are the “teams” within Team Paapri? 

The Sales team is the first step in the cycle. We bring in the customers for delivery and the Project Management Team steps in and takes it over, once we get the contract signed.  

The Delivery team– “The Construction Workers” as well as the “smartest people within our company” –implement the software and assist in any problems that may arise. They are there to help out the customers on the technical side of things.  

The Project Management team, or the Customer Experience Management (CEM) team, are the “Quarterbacks.” They step in after the deal is closed, and make sure that the implementation goes smoothly and the customers are happy.  

What do you hope to learn, gain, and achieve in this position? 

I hope to gain a strong understanding of the world of ERP and, in a broader sense, sales. I want to establish myself as a strong sales team member, who understands our services. I want to convey that we understand what we’re selling—it’s not just a script that we are reading. It’s something that we do have a good wealth of knowledge about. Lastly, I want to develop professional relationships with clients, in order to better service them in the long term.   

Thanks to Brenden (with some input from others in the US Team) for sharing his observations and knowledge about Paapri. We look forward to him achieving all his goals here.  

If our newest employee can get a firm grasp on our business processes in a week, just imagine how our seasoned experts can help your business. Contact us today if you want your business to “grow alongside” ours.  


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