9 Things to Consider Before Choosing Paapri

The journey of successfully implementing a new ERP system has several different steps in the process, beginning with choosing which expert company to partner with from the get-go.

One of the more obvious things to keep in mind when choosing a partner that will best help you navigate through the process is their experience and industry expertise. But there are other subjective considerations to make as well – ones that have more to do with core company values and how the consultative company functions internally as a team.

An important key to success is understanding that sometimes two standup companies might not be the best partners to create a topnotch result and knowing when it’s time to move onto another company that might be a better fit.

When assessing Paapri as a potential ERP implementation partner, take the following into consideration to gain a better understanding on whether we’re the best team to help you reach your end goal in the most effective way possible:

1) We believe in the expertise of our consultants
Paapri consultants have extensive industry experience and an understanding for what’s needed in the manufacturing space. They’ve more than likely implemented multiple ERP systems in similar spaces and managed similar challenges. We believe in their capabilities, and we also trust when they say that there are speedbumps that could impede the ideal outcome. Unfortunately, even Paapri consultants don’t have a magic bullet that solves everything, but they’ll sure try as hard as they can to find one.

2) We don’t always have the answer
Your business is unique, which means that although we may have seen similar situations, we may not be able to provide an immediate answer to a challenging question. If that occurs, rest assured we’ll do our best to find an answer and get back to you as soon as we have it.

3) We can’t make you want to change
Change is difficult, we understand. But, like anything else, you have to want to change and be ready to face the challenges that will undoubtedly come with it. If the expectation is that there will be absolutely no road blocks to navigate and that the change in the system will barely be felt throughout the organization, you may want to consider that perhaps it’s not quite time to make the switch yet.

4) We are straight forward
Our team understands that your time is valuable. They will be matter of fact with you when guiding you to your ERP option, only providing information on what the ERP can and can’t do, with careful attention to not making false promises on functionality.

5) We are a global company
Paapri consultants are based throughout the world, which means that on occasion accents can create challenges in verbal communications. This is usually easily resolved as conversations continue and both parties acclimate. Be assured that even though some consultants are international, time zone constraints are easily addressed so that you’re able to reach us when it’s convenient for you.

6) We explore all of our options before determining something is not doable
When it comes to coding, our team is bound by working within the confines of what an ERP provides. Before we definitively say that we’re unable to resolve a challenge, we explore all available suggestions and options. Please know, our team never wants to tell you no, but sometimes our hands are tied and a resolution can’t be found.

7) We will suggest alternatives
One of the benefits of being an ERP consulting and implementation company solely focused on manufacturing is that we’ve come across a lot of situations specific to the industry and have probably worked with a company similar to yours. This collective knowledge allows us to provide educated recommendations and alternatives that we believe might be a better fit for your company. Our top priority is creating a system that sets your team up for success, and if we believe a different path than what you originally asked for is what can do that, we won’t hesitate to offer up that suggestion.

8) We won’t take shortcuts
Hacking a system or writing spaghetti code goes directly against what we stand for as a company. The Paapri team is always looking out for your best interest, and we’ll never do work that has the possibility of being detrimental to your team when a new version of the implemented ERP system becomes available.

9) We believe the Customer Experience Manager is necessary to your success
Paapri Customer Experience Managers are dedicated to making sure your experience is as seamless as possible. They’re also committed to keeping you informed so that you know what’s happening every step of the way, even if that means communicating mishaps that occur. With transparency comes trust, and those are bound to lead to success for both parties.

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