Quality Management in ERP

Reach, Exceed, and Redefine Expectations

Redefine expectations with a Quality Management System (QMS) designed to specifically cater to your needs. This will help to improve quality, increase customer confidence, and ultimately take your company to the next level.

Quality Management Services

ERP quality management software serves as a central data hub for quality management requirements including incoming, in-process, and outgoing requirements. This makes it essential to being able to tackle issues head-on without downtime. We understand the absolute necessity of having a QMS ERP that fits the needs of your company, and provide expert quality management consultant services to be sure that’s what you get.

Benefits of Quality Management in ERP

Implementing ERP software to support your supply chain management can have a vast impact, from your team to your customers. Here are a few benefits that come from utilizing ERP software for supply chain

Streamlined workforce through a standardized, centralized and wholistic enterprise-wide quality management program.
Improved safety and operational integrity with supply chain optimization software that automatically collects supplier, factory floor, and customer quality data and leverages it as actionable intelligence. This leads to quality visibility across the entire value chain.
Scalable to grow with your company and keep quality management requirements in check and ensuring that it’s driving rather than hindering company bottom line objectives.
Compliance pressures and business imperatives system centralizes, enterprise-wide quality control and regulatory compliance ensuring that quality management drives rather than hinders the company’s bottom-line objectives.

ERP Quality Management Considerations

The design of your Quality Management solution should be framed to your specific needs as a company. As you begin to think through the setup, be sure to consider the following:

  • What is the process maturity of your QMS? For example, are you ISO9000, TS14000 or AS9100 certified?
  • Are there customer-specific quality standard requirements or special CAPA requirements?
  • Is the QMS just being established – mostly using paper, excel, or homegrown QMS systems?
  • Has the ERP been chosen to cater to QMS requirements, or is the QMS going to be incorporated into the existing ERP?
  • Will quality management processes be tweaked to the ERP, or will the ERP be tweaked to cater to the QMS?
  • Have you done a proper PFMEA (Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) to evaluate the risks and frequency of failure models?

The Paapri Way

With deep experience in quality management systems, our team has implemented ERP quality management software for businesses big and small. Our team consists of Six Sigma Green Belt Certified consultants, and principal consultants who’ve been involved in SQA for big automotive and defense companies. The entire team is armed with the knowledge to accurately understand your quality requirements and help set your QMS up whether it be in the ERP, outside the ERP, or helping to change the processes all together. When partnering with Paapri, you’ll also get:

  • Consultation on and offerings of technology platforms to connect your inspection devices to your ERP for a single data source
  • Platform and dashboard offerings to ingrain quality management systems and metrics on your shop floor.
  • Help consulting on and implementation of quality management systems to ERP platforms such as MRR; 8-D; 5-Why; Process CAPA; Statistical Process Control; Tool and Gage R&R; and Document Control
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