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Sundays used to be my travel days...

I used to travel Sundays to meet my customers, my prospects and the NetSuite Sales Reps - the most energetic sales reps, their managers and the solutions consultants I work with. I used to be in our LA Office, India office or the UK office. Since I came back from my LA trip back on 29th Feb, I have not been traveling. I miss visiting my customers, especially my favorite ones such as Mott Corporation, RAMI among many others.

Since I am not traveling, my engineering and computing bugs surfaced up and I wanted to share my two months of research with y'all (no.. I am not southern - I picked it up from the Oracle Office in Austin). Those who know me know that I am a Mechanical Engineer and have started my career as a computer programmer, so amalgamating machines and computers is what excite me. This is why digital transformation of Small to Mid-Market manufacturers is what I live for.

I started researching productivity devices such as scanners, mobile computers, and barcode printers from our partner hardware providers, Zebra and Brother; touch screens with ELoTouch ; and Sensors with DataLogic. These companies has amazing devices and I studied them thoroughly. It opened up a new era of technologies that will fuel Paapri's quest for Digital Transformation.

This is what I did: I got certified in selling Zebra Scanners, mobile computers and BarCode Printers. I learned the Android EMDK from Zebra and with a Zebra TC52, I completed a Proof of Concept! ! I wrote an Android app in Xamarin that runs on a scan enabled Android device. This will help our customers use Android Apps to talk to NetSuite. They really don't need a heavy WMS system if they just want to scan an item's barcode to see the quantity they have. The Android App that I wrote reads the barcode, calls the NetSuite API , and reads and writes the data into NetSuite.

The technology and the android apps that we can now build with our amazing team at Paapri will be light-weight, will sit on any Zebra Mobile computer such as MC9300 , and talk to NetSuite! With our hardware support, we can now help customers choose the right touch-screen, the mobile shop floor console, or the data capture device to be more efficient.

I made a good use of my non-travel days and hopefully I can get on a plane soon - but till then, I will be working with technology and will post as soon as I come up with something new.

Till then.. let's hope this COVID thing gets over soon!

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