Your Business, Your Way, Your Flex

PCT Flex transforms ERP systems, offering dynamic features for customizable efficiency. Streamline processes, stay agile, and optimize your business with ease.

App Based SAAS Platform for Manufacturing Industry

When selecting PCTFlex for your Manufacturing Company, you’ll get a combination of applications that work together to act as an ERP or that complement your existing ERP or financial systems. This platform is a cloud based flexible complement to the one-size-fits-all ERP systems. PCTflex could be the answer to your needs if the following apply to the reasons you’re looking for a new business solution:

  • There are only one or two things that need additional assistance being managed
  • You have unique business requirements and you are looking for that flexibility.
  • There isn’t a need for a robust set of applications as most of them won’t be utilized
  • The essential need is for a specialized cloud based solution or just a few basic functions as opposed to the whole suite

PCT Flex Apps

Designed around our extensive understanding of the manufacturing industry, PCT Flex was built with the unique features and functionality that can specifically help your business succeed. When opting into PCT Flex you’ll get:

  1. Custom Flex Apps

    A custom flex app is tailored to meet specific business needs, offering a personalized solution that aligns precisely with organizational requirements.​

  2. Flex Connect Apps

    Flex Connect app syncs to ERP seamlessly while integrates and updates data between the flexible application and the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in real time, ensuring accurate and synchronized information across the organization.

  3. Utility Apps

    Unlock the power of efficiency with our cutting-edge Utility App, designed to streamline your workflow seamlessly. Whether you’re dealing with Nesting, Text Recognition, or Document Encryption/Decryption, we’ve got you covered.

  4. Data Apps

    Empower your business with Standard Data App, the ultimate solution designed to fill the gaps in your existing ERP system. This versatile and fully customizable app not only solves unique business challenges but also adds crucial information that might be absent in your ERP, ensuring a comprehensive and seamless data management experience.

PCT Flex Implementation

Expect a smooth implementation when partnering with Paapri experts. When choosing the PCTFlex solution, you can expect the following during a typical implementation:

  • Paapri experts work to understand the requirements
  • Necessary customizations to the core applications will be made
  • Apps will be hosted on secure servers on the cloud
  • The application installation will be able to run alongside other systems with little to no maintenance required
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