PCTeRP for Manufacturing Industry

Take advantage of an affordable ERP solution designed with you and your business in mind. Originally built for small to midsized manufacturers in India and Middle Eastern markets, PCTeRP is a unique system with features specifically needed for the manufacturing industry with limited budget.

PCTeRP Software Solution

When selecting PCTeRP for your ERP services in India you’ll get a combination of applications that work together to act as an ERP or that complement your existing ERP or financial systems. This software solution is an affordable ERP alternative to the one-size-fits-all approach taken with other software and can be the answer to common challenges such as needing an integrated web-based system for specific functionality or just a few basic functions instead of the whole suite.

PCTeRP Features

Designed around our extensive understanding of the manufacturing industry in India, PCTeRP was built with the unique features and functionality that can specifically help your business succeed. When opting into PCTeRP you’ll get:

  1. A simple, fast, out-of-the-box solution designed for customers with unique needs.
  2. An affordable ERP application that allows for customization to fit the needs of the business.
  3. A solution that is both on prem and cloud based to help in instances where there are internet connectivity issues.
  4. The ability for data to stay with you (the customer) instead of having it stored on a 3rd party server not company owned.
  5. ERP software for small business in India that can be run from one computer, or from multiple computers on a network.
  6. Portability with a solution that can run in offline or online mode.
  7. The ability to run ERP apps for small business from a travel laptop or tablet.
  8. Access to utility apps for things such as scheduling jobs, encrypting files, nesting drawings, and gathering external data such as commodity prices.
PCT eRP erp for manufacturing in india
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