CRM for Small Business Manufacturers

Organize and automate the core business customer relationship management process to help make better business decisions. Easily track customer, prospect, and supplier interactions and analyze gathered information for increased efficiencies and sales utilizing Paapri CRM software.

PCT CRM Software Solution

Implementing a centralized CRM solution for your business provides valuable insights into customer, prospect, and supplier pain points. Analyzing this gathered information allows for the team to identify ways to improve processes and increase sales. Containing all this information in one easily accessible application also helps to ensure that all accounts are appropriately followed up on, improving customer service and building customer loyalty. When selecting PCT CRM as your customer relationship management option, you’ll receive an application that:

  • Is built on MERN Stack: MongoDB, Express, React, and Node js.
  • Can connect with Paapri exclusive PCTeRP or any other ERP system
  • Is compatible with all iOS, Android, and Window systems
  • Has modern security technologies to help protect against cyberattacks
  • Is efficient and user friendly


PCT Customer Relationship Management Features

Understanding that a well-organized CRM is necessary for business sales teams to level up, the Paapri customer relationship management application is designed to allow easy, efficient, and detailed recording of information. When opting into PCT CRM, you and your team will have access to the following functionalities to help your business succeed:

  • Create, delete, or edit a customer for easy lead management
  • Track sales and view order status
  • Include detailed notes such as time stamping, type of meeting and who requested it, as well as other beneficial details related to a particular customer and communication
  • Search for a specific customer to quickly access account information and notes

DEMO of PCT CRM for Small Business Manufacturers

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