Run and scale your organization more successfully. Our people-centric solutions are purpose-built for nonprofits, with industry-leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Non-Profits and ERP

When thinking of non-profits, many people do not realize the ways in which even a small non-profit could benefit from the use of enterprise software. But even the smallest of nonprofit organizations need employees, databases, and financial software just to run.

With us our customers achieve:

  • Guidance and access to Constituent Relationship Management, Fundraising, Finance and Accounting, E-Commerce, Reporting and Analytics
  • Delegate key management areas, specifically back-office services, to our outside contractors with an expectation of improved quality and a boost ineffectiveness
  • Enhance your efficiency through optimized financial margins, model and forecast performance, and an improved budget process
  • Streamlined administrative tasks through machine integration
  • Secured donor data and other sensitive information

Our customers include:

  • Education
  • Charitable Organizations

Benefits of an ERP for Non-Profits

Multiple funds
ERP software can help a nonprofit to manage funds and ensure that the nonprofit is adhering to reporting guidelines. A nonprofit could also use an ERP to separate out several different funds for various projects or campaigns – plus with a cloud feature, employees or board members can access these reports at any time from their mobile devices.
Grant management
A grant management feature is also essential, as it will increase productivity and save a nonprofit organization from having to hire a dedicated grants manager or grant writer if their budget does not allow it. Having a program already in place will cut costs in the long run, and boost productivity and chances to receive more grant funding in the future.
ERP for nonprofits can help build and maintain connections with donors by understanding how they donate and what they have donated over time while cutting the costs of a typical fundraising campaign.
Data security and efficacy
Data is collected from every interaction, from every area of your organisation and stored in a single location to present a comprehensive, real-time view of your business.
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