NetSuite ERP Implementation Partner

As NetSuite integration partners in Americas, EMEA and India, Paapri represents starter, standard and premium editions. No matter which NetSuite ERP implementation you choose, you’ll receive a team of Paapri NetSuite experts who will implement, train, and support your team for successful project completion.

NetSuite solution provider

NetSuite Solution Provider

Understanding the manufacturing business, Paapri focuses on providing NetSuite implementation solutions for the micro verticals that fall within it. Built to solve customers’ unique problems and tailored to their requirements, these custom solutions can also be fit to a customers’ budget and have no recurring charges or fees.

Manufacturing Micro Verticals

Focusing on an industry and its specific micro verticals has been key to our successful understanding of manufacturing customers’ needs. While we are always expanding our industry sub verticals, we believe in doing a few things and doing them well:

NetSuite Custom Solutions

To account for the individual needs and requirements each of our customers has, Paapri offers custom, budget conscious solutions for NetSuite implementations. Take a look at some of our current custom solutions:

  • Engineer to Order
    PCTConfigure and PCTCostEstimation allows users to load in or import CAD outputs which will then build the items in NetSuite. The application works as a CPQ tool to configure the assembly, price it, and ultimately quote the customer
  • Metal Fabrication
    Covers everything a metal manufacturer needs to create assemblies, issue cut components, and create finished goods including sawing, slitting, and laser cutting
  • Tools Management
    Helps customers purchase or make tools, as well as check them in or out to operations. Our Tool Life solution assists with preventative maintenance of the tools and automatically signals users when tools are up for remake/refurbish
  • Shop Floor Management
    Encompasses work center-based and assembly line-based configurations. No two Paapri shop floor solutions are alike. Standard NetSuite functions are extended to give your shop floor operators an error-proof solution to interact with NetSuite and work from a terminal. We cater to our customers unique shop floor requirements including Clock-In/Clock-Out, log time to jobs, log setup, downtime, and breaks
  • Finite Scheduling
    Looks at all the jobs on a shop floor, schedules the jobs to the resources calendars and optimizes the shop throughput. This scheduling solution is customized to your unique requirements and schedules the shop floor. An interactive Gantt chart allows the planner to move and reschedule jobs
  • Quality Management
    Built based on AS9100 principles, this flexible solution has all the functionality starting from incoming, in-process and outgoing inspections to raising MRR, creating 8D/5why and Quality Dispositions and can mold to your specific quality requirements
  • Formula, Recipe and Blends
    Since chemical manufacturers are unable to use the standard NetSuite BOMs to calculate work order quantities, the PCTFormula in this solution helps users build a formula. When a formula is set and attached to an assembly, the system uses the ratio defined in the formula to build work orders. With this extension, chemicals customers can use different “recipes”, “formula” or “blend” for each run and the system back flushes exactly the amount of material as specified in the formula
  • Reverse Logistics/ Recycling
    As pioneers of the Reverse Logistics solution on NetSuite, Paapri knows that if your business is repairing phones or melting scrap metal to create ingots, or scrapping car seats to extract metal and plastic, the PCTRecycle solution has the answer
  • IoT/ Machine Integration
    Custom solution PCTConnect brings in machine data – including machine job, health, and performance data – to NetSuite, creating a single source of truth. This data can subsequently be used in OEE calculations, preventative maintenance and quality assurance

The Paapri Way

No matter which custom solution fits you best, there are a few things you can always count on when bringing Paapri on as NetSuite implementation partner:

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