Software Solutions for Recycling & Reverse Logistics Manufacturers

Ensure proper accounting and traceability of inventory and get accurate calculation of manufacturing lot yield among other benefits with unique Paapri ERP solutions and consultation.

Industry ChallengesPaapri Software Solutions
Being able to properly account for value when considering the decision points of Sort, Triage, and Repair or Disposal is imperative to success.Make grading easier with Paapri PCT Sort and Triage functionality that automatically creates smart part numbers on the fly.
Accurately calculating yield of recycling is necessary and can sometimes be difficult to achieve.Predict yield based on the supplier, the source of the material to be recycled, and the material type with business analytic reports from Paapri. A series of reports and metrics calculate lot yield of manufacturing as well.
When handling the repair of customers’ materials, it’s essential to have proper accounting and traceability so it doesn’t get lost.Easily keep track of customer parts throughout repair jobs with the creation of a bill of material utilizing the Paapri Configure – Price – Quote functionality. This also helps companies quote a repair job and review previous quotes on unique serial numbers.

Examples of Paapri Software Solutions in the Recycling and Reverse Logistics Environment

  • Cell phone reverse logistics company Angel Cellular uses Paapri solutions to triage used cell phones and repair, refurbish, and sell them online.
  • Plastics recycling company Akshar Plastics used Paapri services to process the incoming material and recycling plant process outputs
  • Northeast Scientific approached Paapri to assist in setting up manufacturing systems and connecting them to their ERP with the FDA validation platform. This provides a more fluid experience with a solid NetSuite ERP platform connected to quality manufacturing platform, MasterControl.
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