Textiles, Apparel, & Fashion Manufacturing

Apparel and Fashion industry encompasses manufacturing, distribution and retail of variety of products, including dresses and outfits, footwear and jewelry.

Seasonality and short shelf life is one of the key problems companies in this industry face.Paapri’s BI Tools and data analytic solutions help customers measure trends in styles and seasonality thereby being ahead of the competition.
Often manufacturers pay piece rate to the workers. Manufacturers want to measure productivity of their workers and count number of pieces produced.Paapri’s Shop Floor Data capture solutions help manufacturers measure productivity per operator.
Docket process to create designs, source suppliers (often overseas) and get production started is sometimes complicated for designers and manufacturers.Paapri’s Docket and New Product Management applications and solutions help customers launch efficiently manage new product launch.

Paapri Customer PortFolio

  • Bay Area based compression wear manufacturer uses Paapri’s Shop Floor Data capture application to manage productivity of their shop floor workers
  • Ohio based diamond merchant took Paapri’s help to ship products to their customers on “Memo” and manage inventory better
  • London based apparel retailer is using Paapri’s expertise in connecting their systems to ecommerce and 3PL channels
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