Medical Device Manufacturing

This industry’s primary function is to design, develop, test, manufacture, install, and repair medical devices and instruments such as diagnostic equipment, monitoring equipment, medical supplies and consumables, hospital equipment etc.

Traceability of the supply chain is key to ensure quality and prevent product recalls.Paapri designs solutions and consults with constant focus on Lot traceability, serial tracking and supply chain mapping.
Technological advances make new product development, versioning and managing product life cycle difficult. Quick time to market and new product development is key to remain competitive.Paapri’s PLM solutions along with built connectivity to customers’ PLM solutions make new product development lot easier.
Regulatory compliances and often the need of system validation is commonplace.Paapri’s ability to generate certificates and documentation with using the connection technology to incorporate test results make compliance much easier.

Paapri Customer PortFolio

  • Medical Device reseller and distributor utilized Paapri’s expertise to effectively, serialize, store and distribute medical devices
  • Cancer Diagnostic Equipment manufacturer trusted Paapri in implementing their ERP System to decrease time to market for their devices
  • Oxygen flow measuring device manufacturer utilized Paapri in making their production system efficient, effective demand planning and customer satisfaction
  • Paapri assisted Genexa in a successful ERP implementation for their medical consumables company. After a successful NetSuite implementation, improvements were seen immediately. Arjun explains that “the core improvement that was noticeable, right away, was the ability to have very in-depth detail, all connected in one place”. Read more here.
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