ERP Solution for Industrial Manufacturers

Successfully organize and manage tasks such as ordering, inventory, and finances with the Paapri industrial software solution.

An Industrial Software Solution

Industrial manufacturing includes a wide range of companies such as heavy equipment manufacturers, specialized equipment manufacturers, electroplating and surface finish companies, metal fabrication, and many others. With such a large variation of subsets comes the potential for many different challenges. Extensive experience with the many faces of industrial manufacturing provides the Paapri team with the expertise to provide solutions. See some of the ways an ERP for industrial equipment can provide an industrial software solution:

Industrial Manufacturing ChallengesIndustrial Software Solutions
Managing the steps of production due to long production cycles and longer lead timesManage those longer lead times and provide more accurate job costing with work order and project-based manufacturing processes.
Difficulty managing the supply chain of various components. In addition, complexity is added when considering just in time manufacturing vs holding inventory to maintain service levels.Better manage suppliers and supply lead times with supplier relationship management solutions. They also help improve freight calculation, duty and landed cost. Paapri solutions help proper inventory valuation while our MRP solutions ensure finite and infinite capacity planning.
Challenges with new product development and product versioning due to design changes during production and additional technological advances.Streamline new product development with our PLM solutions and built-in connectivity to customers’ existing PLM systems.
Difficulties managing shop floor productivity and equipment OEE Capture real-time production labor and material data with Paapri shop floor consoles. These consoles help users sign in and out of jobs, issue material, and enter quality inspections to help manage daily shop floor tasks.

Examples of Paapri Solutions in the Industrial Manufacturing Environment

Take a look at a few of the industries in which Paapri industrial software solutions have made a difference:

  • Farming Equipment
    Paapri helped ABI Attachments equipment company set up their ERP system, taking on the process from sales to production to inventory management.
  • Metal Fabrication
    Effective material and labor tracking was focused on while setting up this manufacturing ERP for a metal fabrication company.

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