Furniture Manufacturing

Make more informed business decisions by better understanding demand, more efficiently managing scrap, and selling products according to their true cost with expert Paapri consulting and unique ERP solutions.

Furniture Manufacturer ChallengesPaapri Software Solutions
The rise in the number of consumers turning towards online retailers has dictated the increased need to hold inventory in multiple assortments. This makes demand planning more important than it’s ever beenBetter understand demand and plan inventory accordingly with the help of Paapri consultants. Our experts have experience working with furniture manufacturers, giving them inside knowledge into the best way to effectively setting up supply allocation and demand planning for your company
The popularity of customer-facing design tools has drastically inflated the number of custom jobs manufacturers need to completeCater to your customers’ unique design needs and build custom bills of materials on the fly with our unique extensions, PCTConfigure and PCTCostEstimation
Global supply chain and sea transportation price and shortages have created competitive pressure on profit marginsSee the true cost of your products so you can sell accordingly by setting up landed costs according to the product class and volume with the expertise of Paapri consultants
Manufacturers working with stone, granite, and countertops are often faced with a system selection issue and the inability to find one ERP system that is all-encompassing for their needsMore efficiently manage scrap with our extension that incorporates 2D cutting into your regular ERP system

Examples of Paapri Solutions in the Furniture Manufacturing Environment

  • High-end kitchen manufacturer Snaidero better manages inventory utilizing Paapri expertise.
  • SKLO Studio partnered with Paapri to setup their new NetSuite ERP system.
  • Patio furniture manufacturer Patio Essentials came to Paapri for help setting up their ERP system to effectively handle the demands of a major retail customer.
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