Software Solutions for Retailers

Streamline processes, gain better control of inventory, and take customer service to the next level. Easily implement a complete ERP system that covers inventory and order management, ecommerce, CRM and marketing, POS, as well as business intelligence and financials with the guidance of Paapri experts.

Retail ChallengesPaapri Software Solutions
Inability to have real time access to customer purchase information impacts customer service performanceMake sales transactions quicker and get real time data with an ERP system that comes integrated with the POS
Being able to simultaneously see a comprehensive view of data from multiple channels can be difficultEnsure all operations are running smoothly at the same time with one unified platform that provides an enterprise-wide view by sharing information from each business unit in real time
Using multiple unconnected systems can impede day-to-day operationsEnhance operational efficiency by utilizing connectors developed by Paapri to enable communication between multiple third-party systems and your ERP
Keeping control of inventory can be cumbersome and losing track of it can be detrimental to business Gain control over inventory and improve demand forecast when you use an ERP software solution that helps to anticipate orders while removing excesses, stores details to inform restocking, and tracks customer buying trends

Examples of Paapri Solutions in the Retail Environment

  • Meglio, a fitness and rehabilitation equipment retailer as well as supplier to the National Health Service, trusted Paapri experts to implement their NetSuite solution
  • Health Leads, a national non-profit organization running community-based programs and learning initiatives across the U.S., consulted with Paapri to establish their NetSuite project and help streamline many of their business processes along the way
  • London based apparel company Wyse turned to Paapri for help managing their rapidly growing company as it transitioned from online only to both online as well as brick and mortar. Taking into consideration their individual needs, Paapri experts executed the modern NetSuite ERP solution along with building custom apps to link their ecommerce and marketing applications
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