ERP for Electroplating and Surface Finish Companies

Implement a unified system and combat challenges with cost estimation and production planning with the combination of the right ERP system and Paapri team expertise.

Electroplating Manufacturer ChallengesPaapri Software Solutions for Electroplating Manufacturers
Software systems are often antiquated and simply patched up to be able to account for changing needs. For example, if a company has a barrel line and wants to add a selective line, their existing ERP may not support it. This could cause a lot of manual labor Implement a unified system with Paapri experts helping to guide you to the best fitting ERP and the Customer Development team helping to bridge any gaps for a complete, successful solution
Stringent industry specifications can make it difficult to adhere to spec changes and certify new specsGet benefits such as being able to better identify processes during cost estimation with Paapri implemented Oracle Netsuite and NetSuite extensions
Selective plating requests have dramatically increased. These requests need manual labor such as masking, making cost estimation incredibly difficultEase the data collection and certification processes with our PCTConnect Platform, a utility application that helps connect testing machines to the ERP
Effectively managing batches and maximizing utility of the continuous lines at the same time makes production planning difficultGenerate certification documents and CoC from the QA records, essentially eliminating the manual processes

Examples of Paapri Solutions in the Electroplating and Surface Finishing Environment

  • American Electroplating Products has eliminated many manual processes with the help of the Paapri team implementing and extending the NetSuite Platform.
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