ERP System For Electronics Manufacturing

Make better business decisions and get customized solutions based on specific industry needs. From establishing better supply allocation to suggesting buy quantities and developing vendor portals, the expert Paapri team provides solutions to make your operation more efficient. As a manufacturer in the electronics industry whether your businesses primary function is to design, develop, test, manufacture, install, and repair electrical and electronic equipment such as power generation systems, communication equipment, navigational equipment, and computers, Paapri understands an ERP solution for electronics manufacturers needs to be customized.

Electronics Manufacturing ChallengesPaapri Software Solutions
Supply chain issues as well as a global shortage of component partsAttain better supply allocation and demand planning with expert Paapri MRP system setup consultation.
Increase in customized product requests causes suppliers to struggle to maintain product revisions.Build custom products with unique Paapri extensions.
Technological innovations are creating competitive pressures on manufacturers and the need for more just in time inventory.NetSuite integrates with machines using IOT, making it a single source of truth for all machine parameters.
The need to keep machines with high OEE available due to the high investment in the machine.Make better business decisions with Paapri PCTeRP which effectively predicts demand fluctuation and suggests buy quantities based on lead times.
Allow vendors to communicate with buyers and provide them updates via a vendor portal by utilizing the expertise of the Paapri custom development team. This portal can also connect with the ERP to ensure updates can be used to make timely purchase decisions.

Examples of Paapri Solutions in the Electronics Manufacturing Environment

  • Defense communication company RA Miller Industries applied Paapri Shop Floor Data Capture Consoles to their operation for reduced data entry errors, more efficiency on the shop floor, and improved employee productivity.
  • Digital display manufacturer and distributor New Haven Displays utilized Paapri consulting and training services to train management on effectively using NetSuite. As subject experts who use industry leading practices, the Paapri team helped New Haven improve their ERP user adoption.
  • Fiber optic electronics company ACPhotonics worked with our expert team on bettering their ERP systems through increased PLM and quality control. This resulted in a system that alerts production of any engineering changes in the product design, thereby reducing product defects and improving customer satisfaction. Learn more about the ERP software solution for this electrical manufacturer here.
  • Liquid cooling systems company CoolIT collaborated with our expert team to implement several Paapri systems including quality management and vendor management. The combination of these systems help reduce supplier surprises, ensures effective communication and provides more control on supply chain volatility. In addition, the QMS enables incoming, in-process, and outgoing inspections on the shop floor.


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