ERP Solution For Electronics Manufacturing

As a manufacturer in the electronics industry your businesses primary function is to design, develop, test, manufacture, install, and repair electrical and electronic equipment such as power generation systems, communication equipment, navigational equipment, and computers. Being an expert in ERP implementations and custom development, Paapri understands an ERP solution for electronics manufacturers needs to be customized.

While an extension of your team, Paapri would assist with items such as enabling communication across your supply chain. As a result, you aren’t spending time reconciling inventory data across multiple internal systems or losing sales due to out of stock items. Our primary business function is to provide a custom ERP solution fitted to your company needs and budget.  With our custom ERP solutions, Paapri Cloud Technologies can help your team with many business problems and processes. For example, perhaps our ERP solution can check orders against inventory availability and dispatch them using pre-defined rules our teams develop together.

A Global Supply Chain makes it difficult for companies to track raw materials, manage suppliers, select and evaluate suppliers and IP protection.Paapri Supply Chain Management solutions help customers source and procure products, manage purchase orders and vendor lead times and build a responsive supply chain.
Technological advances make new product development, versioning and managing product life cycle difficult.Paapri PLM solutions along with built connectivity to customers’ PLM solutions make new product development lot easier.
Inherent nature of quality control while cost pressures from global suppliers makes stringent quality management an absolute necessity.Paapri QMS solutions allow incoming, in-process and finished good inspections with sampling and on-shop reporting.
Disparate systems with often various on-premise testing equipment makes data capture difficult.Paapri IOT solutions help capture data from sensors and different test equipment and send them to a hub for further analysis or to take action.

Paapri Customer PortFolio

  • Fiber Optic Communication company utilizes Paapri’s expertise in working with their ERP Systems for better PLM and Quality Control. Learn more about the ERP software solution for this electrical manufacturer here.
  • Defense communication company uses Paapri’s Shop Floor data capture technology along with the necessary Touch Screen Computers and Hardware.
  • Liquid Cooling Systems company uses Paapri’s quality management system, Vendor Management System, and also its expertise in team collaboration platform.
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