Chemicals, Plastics & Rubber

The key feature of this industry is “Process Manufacturing”. In this industry material flows through multiple steps ending up as the finished good. Unlike discrete production system, these industries use continuous production systems. This industry is capital intensive and lowering operating cost while maintaining quality output is the key to this industry.

High investment in fixed assets and keeping the machines running to remain efficient.Paapri IOT Solutions are designed to capture machine data with a goal to do preventative maintenance, predictive analysis and improving Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE).
Blending and mixing process creates traceability issues. Keeping the recipes consistent challenges companies in this industry.Paapri Formula/Recipe solution helps customers create and perfect formulae and use the formula in production runs. The formula solution even allows to change the formula on the fly. This improves traceability, stringent inventory control and material management.
Measuring and managing process scraps and possibly repurposing/recycling them. More the yield, more the output of a process.Paapri’s 1D and 2D cut applications help customers create child components out of parent components. Using the solution, the scrap is not “scrap” anymore but better-defined output item that can be used in other projects.

Paapri Customer PortFolio

  • Plastics recycling company used Paapri’s services to process the recycling plant, incoming material and process outputs
  • Paapri Implemented ERP systems for a Plastic Injection molding company. The system accounts for raw materials, outputs and co-products and tooling
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