Software Solution for Chemicals, Plastics & Rubber Manufacturers

Lower operating costs while still maintaining quality output. As a capital intensive industry, it’s imperative that process manufacturing companies look for ways to establish continuous efficiencies. Paapri solutions address that need, providing ways to keep cost down and output up.


Industry ChallengesPaapri Software Solutions
Adequately maintaining machines so they consistently run and remain efficient.Capture machine data for better insight into preventative maintenance, predictive analysis, and overall equipment efficiency (OEE) with Paapri IOT Solutions.
Blending and mixing process creates traceability issues.Improve traceability, stringent inventory control, and material management and help customers create and perfect formulas and use them in production runs with the Paapri Formula/Recipe Solution.
Measuring, managing, and recycling process scraps.Get better-defined output items that can be used in other projects by creating child components out of parent components with Paapri 1D and 2D cut applications.

Examples of Paapri Solutions in the Process Manufacturing Environment

  • Paramount Plastics, a plastic vacuum forming company, utilized Paapri to implement an ERP system that accounts for raw materials, outputs and co-products and tooling. This has enabled them to better track manufacturing costs.
  • Popular Paints, a paint manufacturer in India, utilized the expert Paapri team to build customer facing applications that connect to their ERP. They also implemented PCT Billing and PCT CRM solutions for a rich user experience for their sales reps and depots.
  • Spectrum Color, a gel-coat manufacturer, utilized Paapri to implement an ERP solution that assisted Spectrum Color throughout the design, implementation and go-live processes, helping the company tackle challenges and meet its three-month implementation timeframe. Spectrum utilized a planning and budgeting solution to automate their labor-intensive planning and budgeting processes so companies can quickly and easily produce budgets and forecasts, model what-if scenarios and generate reports.
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