Automotive Manufacturing

The automotive industry comprises a wide range of companies and organizations involved in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles and service parts.

Companies in this industry often face the need of high-volume production with strict focus on in-process inspection. Defining and measuring Process Capability is key to this industry.Paapri QMS provides in process quality control, can generate control charts based on sample sizes and can help companies calculate and maintain process capabilities on-the-fly.
Companies in service parts industry often deal with part cross-refs and large part databases based on car model and year making it difficult for companies to plan inventory accordingly.Paapri designs parts cross ref databases for service parts retailers to offer alternate part numbers when the asked part number is not available.
Retailers in service parts industry are often found to dropship from multiple vendors. While these vendors publish part availability, the retailers need to show them on their websites needing the retailers to deal with a lot of part numbers.Paapri creates connections to large databases such as “Aces and Pies” and also uses PCT Connect to connect to vendor API’s to pull their inventory for their ecommerce stores.

Paapri Customer PortFolio

  • Autoparts retailer in California used paapri’s services to set their ERP systems, connect to third party data services and pull vendor inventory information to their ERP
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