Integrating ERP with IoT

Up to date information at the tip of your fingers

Open new possibilities for operational excellence, workflow automation, and customer service by connecting your ERP and IOT. Get up to date information at the tip of your fingers with the Paapri integration solution.


Machine Integration IoT Services

A key component of forward-thinking digital transformation is the ability to feed machine data onto your platforms as the platforms interact with the machines. While ERP systems alone help companies to add efficiency and accuracy across every department, combining your ERP system with sophisticated technologies like IoT allow you to strategize for business growth and success, benchmark against competitors and achieve goals.

Benefits to Integrating ERP with IoT

Connecting your ERP and IoT is the kind of innovative thinking that will take your company to the next level. Here are a few benefits that come from taking advantage of machine integration IoT services

Better opportunities created from the ability to receive detailed information on product status – from production to transportation to the customers’ hands.
Quality data gathered due to IoT sensors that are directly fed to the ERP software. This allows for any changes to the process to be reported in real time.
Improved integration as a result of all information being automatically updated in the ERP system in real time, helping every stakeholder to stay on the same page
Sophisticated technologies like IoT and AI when combined with ERP allow enterprises to strategize for business growth and success, benchmark against competitors, and also achieve their set goals.

The Paapri Way

Partnering with Paapri for IoT integration services means you’ll be receiving experience and expertise by way of our top-notch team. Here are some things to know about Paapri when considering your IoT ERP integration:

  • We’ve built systems for our customers that can read machine data directly through MODBUS and SERIAL connections, or through an HMI (Human Machine Interface System) using OPC servers
  • We use our business analytics systems to extract, transform, and connect to the ERP platform, which processes the information and either displays it on digital dashboards or processes and sends the output back to the machines
  • If you have an existing machine to platform integration you want to update or have created, we can help you design it
  • We work with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and other custom build IoT hardware
  • We work with Azure IoT as our IoT hub solution
  • We use Python, Objective C, C#, and Node.JS technologies to create our unique IoT solution
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