Financial Services

Wholesale and Distribution

Wholesale and distribution 

Simplify complexities and eliminate information silos from multiple systems with an integrated solution that combines customer-facing sales and marketing functionality with back-office processes for inventory management, fulfillment, and accounting—all in one system

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Financial Services 

The complexities of the financial services sector render it more vulnerable to challenge and change than most other verticals. Therefore, implementing a cutting-edge ERP solution that will deliver the requisite control, automation and visibility will ensure you’re able to ride the sector’s storms.

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Appointing the right ERP implementation partner will ensure you deploy a cutting-edge solution that is completely customised to your organisation and best placed to answer the complex business challenges of the financial services sector. A successful ERP deployment will not only help you pull off your digital transformation, but it will also leave you perfectly positioned to exploit valuable ROI opportunities – without compromising your operational continuity or expectations of what the platform can achieve.

Financial  services and ERP

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With us our customers achieve

  • Company-wide control and integrated financial information for educated decision making across within your framework

  • Support business growth and account servicing through BPO, taking advantage of low cost and high quality.

  • With data analytics, you can achieve better design, marketing, risk assessment, underwriting, and more

  • Improvements in data quality lead to a more streamlined supply chain; more efficient data migration and consolidation, as well as increased salesforce and marketing efficiency

  • Anticipate the needs of customers

  • Education

  • Private Equity

  • Medical and Dental Offices

  • Banks and Financial Institutions

  • Food and Beverage

  • Electronics



Our customers include:

Financial District

Benefits of an ERP for Financial serevices 

Robustness and flexibility

These are versatile, dynamic ERP solutions that are designed to support small and medium-sized businesses, give them unparalleled control over their financial and business data, and provide the perfect base from which to scale up with increased functionality and complexity when the time is right.

Unity and collaboration

This means teams can collaborate and plan more decisively using accurate, single-source data, and perform smarter with the agile workflow cycles, reduced costs and improved productivity that are so integral to profitability and growth.

Client management and retention

This overview will ensure you can prioritise leads based on revenue potential and the best upsell, cross-sell and renewal throughout the sales lifecycle. In doing so, you’ll be boosting your sales productivity, delivering value at every touchpoint and inspiring loyalty from customers who will respect both your transparency and your superlative service.

Data security and efficacy

Data is collected from every interaction, from every area of your organisation and stored in a single location to present a comprehensive, real-time view of your business.